Hectic City Mixtape 1

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

Okay, well, let’s get away from the heavy duty stuff for a bit, and get back to the music, and finally (well, for me anyway) I’m proud to announce the first Hectic City mixtape! Yay!

(FX: Champagne bottle smashing against server. Several people cheering half-heartedly.)

Fingers crossed, this will be a regular event, so fire up yer Juices and point them at the RSS feed, and you’ll find something eyebrow-raising landing in your folder from time to time.

This time there’s a DJ Mix from earlier in the year – Not a full mash-up mix, although there’s a couple in there, but some good tunes all round, I think.

The Kleptones – Hectic City 1 : Funk Hop and Electro Rock (Direct Download)