“COUNT-IN (1234)” E.P. Track 1 – “Universal Fire”

Posted on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 by erickleptone

Thanks to all who have joined the mailing list and supported the Patreon so far, we love you!

E.P. will be released on or just after 28/01/18 along with two new Hectic City Mixtapes, ONLY via the mailing list.

Announcement Time!

Posted on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 by erickleptone


You’ll be happy to hear we have a stack of things to announce.


Yes, there is a new “album” on the way. Woo.

It’s around 75-80% finished.

We don’t want to give too much away yet, but, fully assembled, it’s going to be the largest thing we’ve ever put out and yes, it will hopefully all be available for free (however, please see below).

What’s more, we’re hoping to initially release the album in quite an experimental way, So if you’re interested in experimenting with us, please express your interest by signing up to the mailing list and we’ll explain more in a little while.


One thing we’ve learned for sure over the years, giving away albums for free unfortunately doesn’t come cheap, so to help, we’ve thrown caution to the wind after the horse has bolted, and have set up a Patreon page here:


If you can spare a quid, a dollar, or a euro a month (or more!) to help us keep working at a decent speed (and say thanks for the stuff we’ve already released too, maybe), we would very, very, very much appreciate it.

The more support we receive, the more you get back, it’s that simple.

You will also get a huge glow of satisfaction from being one of the people that helped it happen. And a bitchen’ soundtrack to boot. And we’re looking forward to welcoming you to the squad and getting to know you better into the bargain.

(Side note – If you’re wondering why we haven’t done this sooner, we wanted to wait until we had a good stack of material ready, thus providing value for money – Feel free to message us if you have ideas for additional rewards and bonuses.)

If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, or want to find out more, have a look here.

Of course, huge thanks also go to everyone that has donated through the website previously, helping keep it online, we really appreciate that, you folks are fsking awesome.

But seriously, if you like what we do, please give this some thought, it really would make a difference, we cannot stress enough.

(Side Note 2 – If, for any reason, you would like to support us but do not want to use Patreon, please get in touch direct and let’s discuss finding a way that suits you to a tee.)


By way of introduction to all the stuff that’s going to be happening, we’re releasing a new four-track EP: “COUNT-IN (1234)”.

We’ll be putting up one track a day here starting tomorrow. They’ll also be on YouTube / Facebook / Twitter.

(We haven’t made “proper” videos for the tracks, but we’ve appropriated some visuals that we think provide good accompaniment to the music. Hope you agree.)

We also have TWO new Hectic City Mixtapes ready to release.


We’ll be releasing the downloads for the EP & the mixtapes the day after we’ve posted the four EP tracks.

HOWEVER, for the forseeable future, all release announcements and download info for these and future releases WILL NOW ONLY BE MADE VIA OUR MAILING LIST.

Reasoning = Sadly, it’s getting harder and harder to get the word out via regular social media, without continually begging you all for retweets and reposts, or paying for advertising, or paying some dodgy company to hype our numbers, all of which we are unwilling to do.

So we’re taking a risk and asking you to sign-up. It costs you nothing, you get the music, and we know we’ve reached you. Which saves us a whole bunch of time that we can then spend on working up more music. Simple, eh?

Yep, it’s a risk, but there’s way too much interference on regular social media, so we think it’s time to take our (that’s us and you) conversation elsewhere. This is the first step. It’ll be an interesting journey. We hope you agree.


(If you’re already on the list then please pat yourself on the back for being ahead of the curve.)

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the new sounds.

All the best,

The Kleptones.

PS Any questions or enquiries? Feel free to email us.

HC17: Tenabris Noctis – track-by-track breakdown video

Posted on Friday, January 19th, 2018 by erickleptone

An unexpected Hectic City bonus. We made a track-by-track visualization of HC17 a while back, but it got copyblocked by one particular tune, thankfully Lone sorted it out, star that he is, so we can now (I hope) present it in all it’s “glory”. Enjoy! ;)

Rewriting History

Posted on Thursday, January 18th, 2018 by erickleptone

Hello folks,

In a fit of activity (and also because YouTube has finally given us the ability to upload long files, after past indiscretions), we’ve uploaded the Hectic City Mixtape collection to You Tube. Some have already been blocked for various obvious reasons, but some survive! Hooray!

Also we’ve taken the liberty to do a small bit of renumbering. As HC’s 3,4 & 5 were a three-parter, we’ve renumbered them 3a, 3b & 3c as that’s the format we used for multi-part mixes after that. However, that has left us with two gaps for 4 + 5, so to fill them in, we’ve picked out two Kleptones mixes from the archives to make up the numbers. So…

NEW Hectic City 4 – Wired Magazine Second Life Office Launch Party!!! (Download MP3 or FLAC)

Way back in 2006, Chris Baker got in touch and asked us if we wanted to DJ at the opening of Wired Magazine’s Second Life office. The above mix is what transpired…

NEW Hectic City 5 – Live At Glastonbury 2010 (Download MP3 or FLAC)

Yep, finally online, the whole set from what, we guess, was our most memorable Glastonbury show to date…


More relevant than ever… sadly.

Posted on Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 by erickleptone

Footage dragged kicking and screaming out of the archives, as used during live shows 2007-2012, originally assembled by Butch Auntie, then topped, tailed and tidied in January 2017 by yer man Eric.

Alternate link if blocked: https://vimeo.com/200491182

Hectic City 17 – Tenebris Noctis

Posted on Saturday, July 30th, 2016 by erickleptone


Hello again – Following on from “Lucem Diem”, as promised here’s part two of this lil’ 160bpm diptych, although significantly longer than the first part, as it proved virtually impossible to edit down or leave things out – you know how it is…

So here is the night before the morning after: “Tenebris Noctis“, a 211 minute journey through 177+ quality tracks, some old, lots new, all good. Anyone that caught the last couple of years Glastonbury DJ sets will recognise quite a few choice moments contained within, for sure.

The file’s pretty big (1.4GB for Flac, 490MB for MP3), but a quick poll last week on Twitter indicated that you’re mostly cool with that – apologies if you find it problematic, sure you can find an app online to split it into chunks if you’re that way inclined…

Tracklist is below, so don’t scroll down unless you want spoilers (and on first listen you shouldn’t!)

So… let’s have it, yes?

Download from the above Soundcloud player in MP3 or direct here: MP3 or FLAC.

001 Crypticz – The Atmosphere (Intro)
002 Coco Bryce – Elektro Dynamikx (2014)
003 Tessela – Helter Skelter (2013)
004 Dead Letter Drop – Dead Letter Drop #2 (2007)
005 Nu-Tone – Lightning (Sideswipe VIP) (2015)
006 Addison Groove & Sam Binga – Rzor (DJ Friction Remix) (2013)
007 Moresounds – Altercations (2015)
008 Om Unit & Digital – Midnight Oil (2015)
009 David Heartbreak – Latch Key (2014)
010 DJ Luck & MC Neat – A Little Bit Of Luck (2002)
011 Juke FX – Mark A Juke (2012)
012 Sinistarr – Valhalla 90210 (Instrumental) (2014)
013 Highly Dubious – Get Girl (2014)
014 Dexta & Hyroglifics – Boxgroove (2014)
015 E-Z Rollers – Walk The Land (1998)
016 Paul Van Dyk – For An Angel (Gash & Simtek Remix) (2013)
017 Chemical Brothers – Car Chase (Arp Worship)
018 LFO – Freak (Benncart Getting Your Freak On Juke Edit) (2014)
019 Miko – Weekend Juke (2012)
020 Ils & Solo – In The Area (1995)
021 Fokus – Brave New World (Part 1) (1995)
022 CDBL – Pulse (2014)
023 DJ Ham – Higher (1994)
024 Mike G – Sprung Broke (2013)
025 Top Buzz – Living In Darkness (1992)
026 Lennie De Ice – We Ir E (Om Unit Edit) (2012)
027 Nonfuture – Embrace (Clock Intro VIP – Part 1) (2014)
028 Coco Bryce – Pacific (2014)
029 Lindsay Lowend – Mmmmm (Palmtop Tiger Remix) (2012)
030 Rushmore – 3000 (2013)
031 Ticklish – Miscommunication (2013)
032 Ticklish – Miscommunication (Slick Shoota Remix) (2013)
033 Chango & SysAb – Ilkilkilk (2015)
034 Roni Size & DJ Die – It’s A Jazz Thing (Phillip D Kick Edit) (2011)
035 Fokus – Watch Out (1994)
036 Roni Size & DJ Die – It’s A Jazz Thing (Ladies Mix) (1995)
037 Engineers Without Fears – Spiritual Aura (1994)
038 Aphrodite – Bomber (1995)
039 DJ FLP – Bounce Like (2016)
040 Jonny Megabyte – Homicide (2016)
041 Mutants – Obeah (2016)
042 Bleep Bloop – Something Impossible (2014)
043 Keshob – Time I Am (2016)
044 Nonfuture – Embrace (Clock Intro VIP – Part 2) (2014)
045 Remarc – RIP (Remarc Remix) (1995)
046 Remarc – RIP (Phillip D Kick Edit) (2011)
047 Droppin Science – Firin’ Line (Origin Unknown Remix) (1995)
048 Fresh & Vegas – Heatwave (1998)
049 Outkast – Bombs Over Baghdad (Acapella) (2000)
050 Uncle 22 – Dust (1995)
051 DRS & Kenny Ken – Everyman (1994)
052 Queens Of The Stone Age – Feel Good Hit Of The Summer (2000)
053 Count Vanderhoff – Bruce’s Bridge (2016)
054 Royalston – Slimebanks (VIP) (2015)
055 Pev & Kowton – Vapours (2013)
056 Clap! Clap! – Please Mother Rain Wash Our Souls From Human Evil (2013)
057 Wuki – Di Air (2014)
058 Run The Jewels – Close Your Eyes And Count To Fuck (2014)
059 Atlas – Drifting Thru The Galaxy (1994)
060 MC Det – Stick Up (Elementz Of Noise Mix) (1995)
061 Rido – Back To The Future (2013)
062 Richie Brains – Voyage (2016)
063 Royalston – The Depths (2015)
064 Alix Perez, DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn – Make It Worth (2014)
065 Whitney Houston – MDB (Sideswipe Bootleg Edit) (2015)
066 Whitney Houston – Million Dollar Bill (Acapella) (2009)
067 DJ Card-One – Shiny Booty Calls (2014)
068 Hyper-On Experience – Disturbance (Tango Remix) (1993)
069 Deep Blue – Helicopter Tune (1993)
070 Addison Groove & Sam Binga – Rzor (2013)
071 Lastckall – Alevosia (2015?)
072 Intel Inside – Hey Baby (1995)
073 Doc Scott – VIP Drumz (Part 1) (1995)
074 Brock Out Crew – Hard Core Romance (1994)
075 Billy No Mates – Crowd Burst (2014)
076 Acen – Close Your Eyes (Optikonfusion) (1992)
077 Motherland – See No Hear No (1995)
078 DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn & Taso – Passin’ Me By VIP (2014)
079 Richie Brains – Heartbreaker (2016)
080 Machine Girl – Galatea (Nightwave Remix) (2015)
081 Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb (Acapella) (1993)
082 Lone – Backtail Was Heavy (2016)
083 These New Puritans – Organ Eternal (2013)
084 Q Project – Champion Sound (Alliance Mix) (1993)
085 Q Project – Champion Sound (Phillip D Kick Edit) (2011)
086 Special Request – Broken Dreams (2103)
087 Tom & Jerry – Maximum Style (1994)
088 DJ Flow – Journey Into Sound (Part 1) (2014)
089 Hyper-On Experience – Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play Remix) (1994)
090 K-Aze – Warrior Groove (2014)
091 Shy FX – Bambaataa (1998)
092 Lone – Pineapple Crush (Sideswipe’s Footwork VIP) (2014)
093 DJ Madd – Untitled808 (2008)
094 Luke Vibert – Don’t Fuck Around (2015)
095 Bandeja Individual – Hot Dog Berenjena (2014)
096 Danny Byrd – Shock Out (2008)
097 Machinedrum – Eyesdontlie (2013)
098 DJ Rap – Spiritual Aura (Silent Code Remix) (2014)
099 CRZKNY – Kisses (2015)
100 MoonDoctoR & DJ Rashad – Can You Feel It (2014)
101 FootMerc & ZSonic – No Rush (DJ Chap Inna Year 4000 Remix) (2013)
102 Static – Siroc (2014)
103 Nonfuture – Gunshot Riddim (160 Intro VIP) (2013)
104 War Machine – Living Weapon (2014)
105 Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (1997)
106 Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows (1993)
107 DJ Rashad – I Don’t Give A Fuck (2013)
108 Digital & Spirit – Heaven (2015)
109 Glacci – Ice Rave (2016)
110 Corporal F – Prophecy (2014)
111 Fidser – B.U.K. (2014)
112 DJ Fokus – Brave New World (Part 2) (2014)
113 J-Kenzo – Alright (2016)
114 La Funk Mob – Ravers Suck Our Sound (Carl Craig Remix) (1994)
115 DJ Taktix – Hornz For 94 (Phillip D Kick Edit) (2011)
116 RL Grime – Core (2014)
117 David Starfire – Cobra (Sub Swara Remix) (2010)
118 Lloyd Banks – Beamer, Benz Or Bentley (Skeet Skeet Edit) (2010)
119 Thing – Antique (2014)
120 Deco – Polymorphism (2013)
121 Biome – Cromos (2014)
122 Slick Shoota – Keep Bussin’ (2014)
123 Slick Shoota – Keep Bussin’ (Om Unit Remix) (2014)
124 Symbiotic Sounds – Higher (2014)
125 TNGHT – Gooooo (True Key BTLG Edit) (2013)
126 DJ Spinn, DJ Rashad & DJ Manny – Horn Chemist (2012)
127 Baauer – Harlem Shake (2012)
128 DJ Flow – Journey Into Sound (Part 2) (2014)
129 Lung – To Infinty And Be Gone (2016)
130 Moniker – Iktomi (Subp Yao Remix) (2016)
131 Hyper-On Experience – Lords Of The Null Lines (1994)
132 DJ Paypal – I’m Ready (2015)
133 Stray – Ginseng Smash (2013)
134 Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force (T-Power Codeine Remix) (2011)
135 Acen – Trip II The Moon (1992)
136 Doctor Jeep – Badman (2013)
137 Double 99 – RIP Groove (DJ Ransome & SynthForce Bootleg) (2015)
138 20syl – Game, Set & Match (2013)
139 Djemba Djemba – Yah Pop Pop Pop (2013)
140 Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP Remix) (1995)
141 Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) (1993)
142 Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Phillip D Kick Edit) (2011)
143 DJ Earl, DJ Rashad & Taye – Bumbaklot (2013)
144 Special Request – Ride VIP (2013)
145 Special Request – Ride (2013)
146 Fracture – Black Pearl (2016)
147 Roni Size Reprazent – Brown Paper Bag (Sideswipe Edit) (2013)
148 Om Unit & Moresounds – Nuff Music (2014)
149 Outkast – Spottieottiedopaliscious (HugLife Remix) (2012)
150 Alladin – Mashed (VIP) (1995)
151 Firefox & 4-Tree – Warning (1994)
152 Tessela – Hackney Parrot (2013)
153 Dub Warriors – Rocking Out To The Nation (1994)
154 Slick Shoota – Hardcore Junglist (2015)
155 Doc Scott – VIP Drumz (Part 2) (1994)
156 Richie Brains – Buss It (2016)
157 Leviticus – Burial (1994)
158 DJ Rap – Spiritual Aura (Basher Remix) (2014)
159 Paladion – NGC 3982 (2014)
160 Sully – Crystal Cuts (2015)
161 Pulse & Tango – Let The Hustlers Play (1995)
162 Special Request – Lockjaw (2013)
163 DJ Red – The Visit (1996)
164 Siege – Deep (Part 1) (1994)
165 DJ Rashad – Let It Go (2013)
166 Machinedrum – Le Ol’ Skool (2015)
167 Djemba Djemba – Oh OK Yeah That’s Cool (2013)
168 Badman – War in ’94 (1994)
169 Taso – SaxXx (2013)
170 Shy FX – Raver (Breakage’s Pattern Moschino Remix) (2011)
171 Shy FX & UK Apachi – Original Trappah (DJ Cable Remix) (2014)
172 Shy FX & UK Apachi – Original Nuttah (Drum Mix) (1994)
173 Africa Hitech – Out In The Streets (VIP) (2011)
174 Sound Of The Future – The Lighter (1995)
175 Fugees – Ready Or Not (Zinc 1996 Mix)
176 The Trip – The ‘erb (Special Toke Remix) (1994)
177 Morecambe & Wise – Bring Me Sunshine (1969)

Hectic City 16 – Lucem Diem

Posted on Sunday, March 27th, 2016 by erickleptone


Well hello there, good to see you. Yes it has been a while, hasn’t it? hope you’re all doing well. Apologies for the radio silence but after an extended real-life break, much needed and much enjoyed, we’re happy to announce that we’re back in the musical realms, first with a few new Hectic City mixtapes, and then, if all goes according to plan, a new album.

So… kicking things off is Hectic City 16 – Lucem Diem. The first part of a diptych locked around the 160/80 BPM axis, taking in beats from footwork/juke, jungle/dnb, hip-hop, trap and a whole host of related microgenres. Since moving to Amsterdam I’ve been indulging deeply in the fringes of the city’s club scene, avoiding the all-encompassing house / techno-oriented mainstream to find the weirder beats and tempos that lurk in the shadows, so these two mixes are very much influenced by the sounds found there, along with some excellent continually-developing global online scenes and historical genres that cover similar ground.

This part, as befits the title, is more of a “all back to mine” sun-coming-up kind of mix, a blend of cross-tempo beats with a few appropriate old-school classics scattered here and there. The second part will reflect the deep dark night before the morning after and all that that entails… Hope you enjoy, and please share if you do!

Download from the above Soundcloud player in MP3 or direct here: MP3 or FLAC

01 Pilooski ft Jarvis Cocker – Completely Sun
02 Foreign Hits – Emley Moor Transmitting Station
03 Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Atari Baby
04 Somejerk – Molly
05 Dawn Day Night – Higher Plane
06 G Jones – Wormhole
07 Taso x Poppa Doses x Nawte Kong – Intellitrap
08 Boards Of Canada – Roygbiv
09 Om Unit x Danny Scrilla – Gentrification
10 PFM – One & Only
11 Penthouse Penthouse – In The Penthouse
12 Grifta – Adrift
13 Compro – Schala’s Theme (Instrumental)
14 George Pallikaris – In Search Of
15 Jazz Vibes – Sax
16 Monolithium – Sleeping Beauty
17 Crix – A Motive
18 dBridge – Module Eight
19 Gang Colours – I Don’t Want You Calling
20 Om Unit – Wagonist Riddim
21 The Black Dog – Tahr
22 Calibre – Steptoe
23 Akin & 3rdeye – Koroko
24 David Axelrod – Human Abstract (Om Unit Remix)
25 Druid Cloak – Ebon Guardia
26 Frederic Robinson – His Inner Strength
27 James Blake – CMYK (BSN Posse Bootleg)
28 Addison Groove & Sam Binga – 11th
29 El Buho – Twentywell
30 Kromestar – 6th September 2012
31 Mala Rodriguez – Galaxias Carcanas
32 Pinch – Qawwali
33 Peshay – Flute Tune
34 Lydia Ainsworth – White Shadows
35 Mux Mool – Weederlude
36 6blocc – Holdin’ Back (Taso VIP)
37 David Heartbreak – Bombay
38 Monolithium – Bounce For Life (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
39 Foodman – Crow & Sparrow
40 Keeno – Nocturne

Till next time…

It was ten years ago today…

Posted on Monday, September 15th, 2014 by erickleptone

…that a small number of you received this email:

hip hopera email invite

(Click image for larger)

Download links here if you need them, now available in Flac too if you want an upgrade!

Well, apart from that email, and a post on the old “Get Your Bootleg On” forum (RIP), which gathered like-minded audio-slicing miscreants, that was it, as far as publicity goes.

In the next 12 months it gathered nigh-on a million downloads and a crapton of on- and off-line recommendations, collapsing my own website in a couple of days (I remember sitting there with my flatmates (hey Dillon & Kev!) watching the bandwidth charges accelerate by the minute before fiscal reality got the better of my ego and I pulled the plug), then being mirrored and promoted by such fine folks as Andy “Waxy” Baio and Jason “Boogah” Cosper (vintage interview on that link from two weeks after release).

And then a whole bunch more folks. And more. And so on until I found myself sat at a front table at the 2005 Webby Awards receiving the award for “Artist Of The Year”. Great fun, (hey, I got to shout “motherfucker” in front of Al Gore *teenage giggle*) but boy, did I feel out of place. With the benefit of hindsight, maybe the Webbys organisers expected the old-school media to be shocked that someone like myself was being publicly honoured for illegally slicing, dicing and re-purposing existing culture?… might generate a bit of shock publicity? but nah… nobody seemed that bothered, thank zod. We’d already moved on. As we do.

Eric Kleptone at The Webby Awards 2005

(Gorgeous, huh? Click for larger. Text of shirt: “Your failed business model is not my problem” – Truer today than ever.)

So… 10 years ago. Seems like centuries. How fast we move… Back then? No Facebook. No Twitter. No YouTube. Some blogs. Some forums. That was about it. Life moves pretty fast, huh?

Downloading a whole album for free? How quaint? Was still quite a novelty then. With the deepest of ironies, as this anniversary rolls around, a free album by one of the biggest bands of all-time has been distributed to allegedly five billion people. A lot of whom don’t seem too happy about it.

But… plus ├ža change. Free music is everywhere now, and you can’t move for it. Everywhere you go people are desperately trying to ram it down your throat. So much so that even the hugest bands have to do it to get heard. You can’t move for the stuff. Awful.

Well, Boo hoo you.

Because today, here, right now, as far as music goes, things are awesome.

Yes, despite the daily hoo-hah of the “new” music industry, of iTunes, Spotify and Pandora, of mega-corps taking advantage of their huge content distribution systems (that you have all signed up for) and automatically generated playlists (that may well favour heavy advertisers, haha), today there is a humongous global musical underground at your fingertips that ten years ago had no chance whatsoever of reaching you. And you probably will really love some of it. It may well even change your life.

The power of a simple tune is greater than ever. But now, more than ever it needs to be discovered. In the same way as folks spent infinite amounts of time digging through piles of dusty records to rescue and repurpose the drum breaks and riffs that now underpin some of your favourite tunes, you, as a listener, have to dig the crates!

This is (still) a really good thing.

Same as it ever was.

So, please, please, dull down the adverts pummelling you from all sides, the clickbait loud-hailers bombarding you from above, push all that stuff into the bin where it belongs, fire up your inquisitive natures, and keep them well stoked. Dig deep, deeper, deepest and often, and you WILL be rewarded. Not just with fine sounds, but with new friends, amazing performances, wonderful communities and an unshakeable knowledge that just by your very participation (and occasional purchase or show attendance, hemhem), you are sustaining and developing a cultural eco-system. One of millions.

(And if you’re think “ahh, I can’t be bothered to do that, clicking through links (ugh), following blogs (zzz), Hey oldster, I don’t have to look for stuff any more, that’s so 20th century”, then fine – enjoy the nutritionless crap you get served up.)

Because it’s true.

And it grows.

“Increment by Increment”.

That’s what we’re rather good at, as a species, on the whole.

We create.

And share.

And grow.

So from me, thank you for downloading, listening, coming to our shows, dancing like a loon, saying hi!, buying me a beer, putting up with me on verbal overdrive, but most of all for being my friends. Even if you’ve never met me, you now know what I’m like, which is an amazing thing.

You’ve blown my mind sky high, restored and energised my faith in music as a culturally-changing force, and I love you for it.

So here’s to the next ten years. I hope this, too, feels like ancient history when I read it back then.

(PS And before you comment, Yes there will be more Kleptones. We’re taking a breather, but it’s evolving. We’re not done yet. Life is a long song, yes?)


Eric K

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s that man again…

Posted on Thursday, November 15th, 2012 by erickleptone

Okaydoke, I’m coming back from a forced couple-of-months hiatus, mainly due to having to find somewhere new to live and make a Kleptones base, which took rather longer than expected – Space, as you may well imagine, is at a premium in this overcrowded city, which has led to some very over-the-top rents (32% rise in three years apparently) and some rather minuscule dwellings – Being rather a tall chap with a bit of baggage, living hand-to-mouth, it’s not the most ideal of situations. Sorted now though, thank f–k, and it was just in time for us to kick off the new venue for Kleptonite on 10th November!

kleptonite banner
kleptonite bannerkleptonite bannerkleptonite banner
(Pics appropriated from Instamatic and DJ Payroll, sure they won’t mind!)

As I mentioned before, The Britannia in Hackney (map) seemed to be an ideal venue, and so it proved, with valiant back up from the Butch Auntie visual massive, and Instamatic producing a storming and very well received debut AV set, it all went rather well. Not the hugest of sound-systems, but good enough for now – If the crowd grows, we’ll be able to afford a better PA! And we’re going to continue, second Saturday of each month – The next one will be on Saturday 8th December (special guest to be announced soon!), so if you’re in the vicinity, come down, and if you think you’d like to play a set, especially if you’re video-centric, get in touch!

pretty vacant logo
While we’re on the gig front, after many attempts, I’m going to be DJing at Pretty Vacant in Dusseldorf on Saturday 1st December. Those of you will remember the last time I attempted this I ended up snowed in, so we’ll be pulling out some major weather spells to ensure it doesn’t happen this time!

Finally, now all the home-moving shizzle is out of my bizzle, we can get back onto the regularly-posting-tunes-and-mixes train, so here’s a couple of classic 70s rockers given a rather dubby makeover. Hope you like, and see you soon!

(Soundcloud links below – open the post in a new window if they don’t show up in your blog reader!)

Just a little bit louder now…

Posted on Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 by erickleptone

So… back to modern times, sort of. Here’s a tune I debuted at Bootie SF the other week, which screamed Bootie as soon as I put it together, and worked a treat I must say. So much so, that I’ve passed the download over to them as an exclusive, so if you want a copy, you’ll have to head over to the Bootie site. It’s worth it though, there’s a fine clutch of tracks there to be had for free!

What’s more, I’ll be playing at the next Bootie London alongside New York’s finest DJ Lobsterdust, and local heroes Instamatic and Payroll in support. Like last time, it’s at Electrowerkz, running later this time till 4am, so if you’re about, you really should come down! Full details at the Bootie London site!

More plans are afot for future London and elsewhere shows, and we’re starting to investigate Kickstarter ideas to see how we can make more shows happen – if you want us in your area, wherever that may be, and/or you think you can help us with some ground level wisdom from your own town or city, please drop me an email, it would be amazing to make it happen, and it’s a lot easier than you might think!