Announcement of upcoming releases

There will be an "album".

It will be released in four parts.

Before that, there will be four mixtapes.

These mixtapes may contain K-tracks that will be on the "album", or may not.

But the mixtapes and the "album" are related, somehow.

All of the above will be made available over the next eight months, or so.

One each month, or so.

This is the first mixtape.

See you in a month, or so.

Much love,

The Kleptones

P.S. Mixtape dedicated, as always, to everyone that's chipped in, either via the site, or via Patreon. We love you long time.

Hectic City Mixtape No.20 - Azimuth Divider

Warning: Do not drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery when using this product.

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01 Glenn Branca - Lesson No.1 For Electric Guitar
02 Neu! - Hallogallo
03 Can - Uphill / Mother Sky
04 Peter, Bjorn & John - I Know You Don't Love Me
05 Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band - Why? (Kleptones Edit)
06 Dawn Day Night - Higher Plains (Kleptones Edit)
07 Devo - Gut Feelin' (Raoul Juke Edit)
08 Chrisma - C Rock
09 Wilco - Spiders
10 Camp Actor - Semi-Detatched
11 Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation - The State (I'm In)
12 The Kleptones - Mono Things (Motorik Version)
13 The Stranglers - The Raven
14 LCD Soundsystem - Big Things (Instrumental)
15 Faust - J'ai Mal Aux Dents
16 Teddybears STHLM - Magic Kraut
17 American Analog Set - Like Foxes Through Fences
18 Soft Machine - We Did It Again
19 Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened
20 Kraftwerk - Ruckzuck
21 The Velvet Underground - Foggy Notion
22 Stereolab - Revox
23 The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner
24 The Kleptones - Static Skank
25 Hawkwind - Opa-Loka
26 Unkle - Morning Rage (Instrumental)
27 Far East Family Band - The God Of Wind
28 Booze - Insanity Drive
29 Julie's Haircut - The Devil In Kate Moss
30 Modern English - Gathering Dust
31 Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Irradiated Dream Mouth
32 Bark Psychosis - Murder City
33 Brian Jonestown Massacre - Open Minds Now Close
34 Ten Speed Racer - Your Demon Heart
35 Gay Dad - To Earth With Love

Hectic City Mixtape Back Catalogue

We have upgraded. All mixes are now available in both FLAC and MP3. Why not upgrade yourself?

HC01 - Funk Hop & Electro Rock
HC02 - A String Quartet Tribute To The Kleptones
HC03a - Best Of 2006 Part 1 "Hip-Hop Started In Ipswich"
HC03b - Best Of 2006 Part 2 "Sounds For The Festive Vortex"
HC03c - Best Of 2006 Part 3 "If There's A Glitch, You're An Ostrich"
HC04 - Live At Wired Magazine Second Life Office Launch Party 2006
HC05 - Live At Glastonbury 2010
HC06 - Leaving Here
HC07 - May Daze
HC08a - Best Of 2008 part 1 "Songs For Magic Feet"
HC08b - Best Of 2008 part 2 "We Have The Machine Ready Fi Dem"
HC08c - Best Of 2008 part 3 "La Blouse Piscine"
HC08d - Best Of 2008 part 4 "My Boss Has The Imagination Of A Gnat"
HC08e - Best Of 2008 part 5 "Burned In A Feathering Pyre"
HC09 - Rough And Ready On The Plinth
HC10 - Once Upon A Time In The Seventies
HC11 - Moombahtronica
HC12 - No Wrong Show
HC13 - Walking Under Ladders
HC14a - M3B part 1 “A Massage From The Swedish Prime Minister”
HC14b - M3B part 2 “Stop That, It’s Silly…”
HC14c - M3B part 3 “I’m Sorry, I’m Going To Have To Shoot You”
HC15 - Paths To Graceland
HC16 - Lucem Diem
HC17 - Tenebris Noctis
HC18 - Absolute Elsewhere
HC19 - Tightening Up

Happy listening!