Hectic City Mixtape 1

Okay, well, let’s get away from the heavy duty stuff for a bit, and get back to the music, and finally (well, for me anyway) I’m proud to announce the first Hectic City mixtape! Yay!

(FX: Champagne bottle smashing against server. Several people cheering half-heartedly.)

Fingers crossed, this will be a regular event. This time there’s a DJ Mix from earlier in the year – Not a full mash-up mix, although there’s a couple in there, but some good tunes all round, I think.

Direct download: MP3 or FLAC

18 Responses to “Hectic City Mixtape 1”

  1. Björn says:

    So, is it just me, or does the podcasting feed not work?

    Both iTunes and Juice say that there aren’t any podcasts to download…

  2. erickleptone says:

    Give it another try now – should be sorted!

    Thanks for letting us know


  3. Björn says:

    Yeah, works now. Well, the intro mp3 didn’t get downloaded so if you’re using Juice or something else you’ll just get the mix mp3.

    Thanks for fixing it!

  4. pat says:

    Listening to 24 hrs while i d/load the dj mix. If it makes me smile half as much i’ll be happy. all 4 albums are all reliable when all else fails. well done

  5. thomasr says:

    working just fine- 83 Mb? yoish!!
    rather than listening (it’s still downloading), I’ll ask a question- is this music or chat or a mix of both. Coz, I’d like ’em seperate. It’s summer here in Australia and there’s nothing nier than going to the beach, hooking the ‘pod into some speakers and enjoying.


  6. erickleptone says:

    Heh, sorry about the size – it’s a long mix though – hope it doesn’t offend your connection!

    The mix is just music – as I said in the intro, I feel it’s better keeping the two separate for exactly the reason you mentioned – I don’t want you to have to ffwd through my yammering when you’re on the beach! (not jealous at all *looks out at rainy UK* no, not at all…)

    However, the rss feed doesn’t like to take more than one piece of audio per post, but there’s easy ways round that. Thanks for the feedback :)

  7. thomasr says:

    fuggin eggsellent.

    loving’ the mix. will post a link to a pic of us on the beach (maybe even a youtube video) enjoying the set.

    jealous, you will be.
    PS when not listening to the mashup podcast, then i’ll be watching the Ashes. :P

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  9. Matt says:

    Still listening but liking the Prince mashed up… amongst others. ;-)

  10. Matt says:

    … Oh, and the Glitchcast at A Swarm of Angels is up.

  11. Brian says:

    All right! Discovered “24 Hours” earlier this year, caught up on the other releases, and have been hungry for a new mix ever since. Thanks for the early holiday present :)

    Great work and I’m looking forward to future installments in this series!

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  13. JMG says:

    I started listening on my walk home yesterday and was blown away. It made my heart race. It made me believe I could dance (I can’t). It made my day. I can’t wait for the next installment, but until then I’ll just listen to this one over and over.

  14. dataphage says:

    Added to Odeo: http://odeo.com/channel/202523/view

  15. JP says:

    Love the Chem Bros/Prince/Shadow bit. good stuff!. Keep it up!

  16. Kai says:

    Really enjoyed this mix, the mixes are seemless and there wasnt one track I didnt enjoy! Anywhere or anychance of a tracklist :D?

  17. Mark K says:

    Top podcast, who is doing the Radiohead cover (for the first track?)
    ps do you lot ever travel any further north? Would be good to see you

  18. robbie says:

    First track is Mark Ronson’s cover of Just (ft. Alex Greenwald); you can find it on the covers album “Exit Music: Songs with Radio Heads.”

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