Hectic City 9 – Rough & Ready On The Plinth

eric on the plinth

Okay, due to seriously popular demand, and cos technical gremlins interrupted some people’s listening at the time, here’s the mix from the plinth. It’s a bit ragged, as my controllers were playing up a bit (not their fault!) and I’ve hacked off the last tune, as it was an afterthought to leave something running while I packed away and left, but apart from that… here it is – warts and all.

All K-tunes (including quite a few new album ones) apart from the last track, which is the Chase & Status mix of Nneka’s “Heartbeat” and is an absolute bomb that I only heard that day for the first time. I couldn’t get out of my head and it became my anthem for the day, so I played it!

Thanks again to all who tuned in, or tried to and failed. If so, hope this makes up for it. What an intense experience! It’s given me a taste for Extreme DJing though, so I wonder where next…?

Direct download: MP3 or FLAC

32 Responses to “Hectic City 9 – Rough & Ready On The Plinth”

  1. Dom O'Neill says:

    what a fucking winner!

    good work eric

  2. | the shaky kaiser says:

    […] A new, live, Kleptones mix. […]

  3. Steve says:

    epic eric! fabulous.

  4. silvio césar says:

    I love you, guys! Please post more stuff, ok? I can’t stop to listen. Congrats!

  5. Mark says:

    Sensational use of Faith No More ‘We Care A Lot’! Love it. You’re on fire! Again! xx

  6. Brian says:

    I was hoping that you’d make this available! Thanks, and I can’t wait for the new (double!!) album.

  7. Don says:

    Man this is absolutely freakin awesome.

  8. Cside says:

    Eric, this is awsome & I’m only 5 minutes in!! Apologies for missing it live, I never realised there was still a 4 o’clock in the morning!

    Would it be ok to share it through The Mixing Bowl (www.themixingbowl.org), with torrents. Then it will save your bandwidth!

    Cheers fella!

  9. Cside says:

    Eric, this is awesome & I’m only 5 minutes in!! Apologies for missing it live, I never realised there was still a 4 o’clock in the morning!

    Would it be ok to share it through The Mixing Bowl (www.themixingbowl.org), with torrents. Then it will save your bandwidth!

    Cheers fella!

  10. Eric K says:

    Happy for you to share wherever, natch!, but please stick a link back to the blog post if possible – bandwidth is cool at the moment – I’ve upgraded a bit since the bad old days ;-)

  11. Mike Diehl says:

    The very essence of fun! Thanks a ton for the hour of quality entertainment — and all your previous (and forthcoming) musical escapades.

  12. Doctor B. says:

    Kind of wish there was a “cue” file so that when I burn the MP3 to CDDA for my cheesy audio-CD-only car stereo, I’d be able to change tracks more easily. Apart from that, I’m very much looking forward to enjoying another Kleptones production!

  13. DDay says:

    Brilliant… Just brilliant!
    Anxiously looking forward to a new album.
    Big up yourself!

  14. Eric says:

    Nice, any place to download the live mix?

  15. Eric K says:

    Download link is above – it’s a bit small, but it’s there (goes off to improve css & html skills). As for a cue file, you’ll have to wait for the album ;-)

  16. Cside says:

    Eric, torrent has been set up (& a link to your blog, as requested).

    So tell us more about this album!! Although I’m still playing “Hip-Hopera” & “Bestival” regularly anyway!

    Thanks for sharing this mix with us anyhow! I’ve listened to it & I’m sure it will be on heavy rotation on my ipod for a while!


  17. Rupes says:

    Another inspired mix!!!

  18. curley says:

    this is so full of awesome!!
    another outstanding job – have already listened to it in full twice.
    keep up the great work.

    from one of your biggest fans down under :D

  19. ben says:


  20. Camberwell K says:

    Awesome stuff! I love the bootleg of ‘Welcome to the Jungle’; what’s the instrumental under the vocal?

  21. Jordi Via (LilVia) says:

    Awesome!!! incredible mix with a great creativity! I love kleptones!
    I make some mixes, absolutely amateur, but if you wanna listen my first mixtape…:


    sorry for my english, I am from Terrassa, Barcelona

  22. Ad quattuor cardines mundi » Kleptones & Anthony Gormley’s “One And Other” project says:

    […] One of the guys from Kleptones was up on the plinth in Trafalgar square and the mix produced during his 15 minutes is online … you can find it here. […]

  23. Eric K says:

    There’s at least 10 different tracks under welcome to the jungle, camberwell!

  24. horselesspaul says:

    Very plinthy.

  25. horselesspaul says:

    Very plinthy indeed.

  26. Neka says:

    This makes me sad that I don’t live in the UK, but regardless thanks for yet another wickedly amazing mashup. I’ve been writing & working on comic books while cranking ‘Hip Hopera’ and ’24’ for I don’t know how long now on regular basis.

    Seriously thank you for yet another powerhouse mix of music that gets me motivated to work (and to dance) ^_-

  27. Eric K says:

    Wow, great tease of art on your page, Neka – always delighted and honoured to provide a work soundtrack :) x

  28. Glenn says:

    Wonderful work!! Thanks so much. I noticed, though: This is billed as Hectic City 9, but it’s *not* posted to the Hectic City podcast page:


    The most recent there is 8e. Yeah, I know, details!

    I’m looking forward to the new one…

  29. smax says:

    Plinth Harry or Plinth Charles?!

    great mix…………..

  30. muselmike says:

    halfway through and what a blast this is…. thanks for these audio delights .

  31. Faradn says:

    Superb. Best Mix ever. I’m totally enthusastic about this one.
    Thank you very much!

  32. Guy says:

    Anyone have a track list for this?

    Great mix! I’m dying to hear the new album :)

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