Times fly

Monday, July 18th, 2005

And they do… they really do. Only seems a few days since the below post, but time just keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’…

So another meta-post. Is that the right word? Whatever.

First off, as usual, with the apologies – website and email has been down for the past week and a half due to an ISP collapse – indirect apologies for that – the silver lining there was that it seems to have killed off the virus attack that had been swamping the Kleptones inbox for the couple of weeks prior to that – the ol’ spam filters have been working overtime, but the upshot of all that is:

If you sent any email to us in the past three weeks, mailing list, chat, whatever – please resend it!!!

(And also, on a humbler note, if you sent us a concerned email following the horrific events of 07/07, as I know at least a few did – double apologies for the lack of a reply – due to the above we didn’t get them, but we’re all (thank fuck) fine, if a little shaken-up – just like the rest of the country.)

So, next up, fun things from the past weeks – the Webbys were quite phenomenal, as you may have gathered. It still chimes strangely that we’ve been awarded this accolade (and it looks like we’re not the only ones), but the amount of warmth and good company that surrounded the ceremony was quite touching and made me feel very much at home – so many excellent people from different areas of society, all hell bent on caning this ‘net thing for all its worth and succeeding. Big grins and toasts all round.

I don’t like doing big thanks lists here, ‘cos they get long and tedious and most unlike a webby speech, (“Kick out the jams, motherfuckers”, since you ask), but lots of appreciation and gratitude to the Webby & IADAS peoples, especially David-Michel, Tiffany and “posse” (and sorry about the karaoke, guys) ; Adam Kahan, Bob “Wes” Westerfield, and crew, for tireless production support and general hard sweat on the day helping sort our video, Leslie from CafePress, who took my drunken criticism and batted it right back at me, hard (and yes, I know I owe you lunch ;) ; The very honourable Joel Veitch from Rather Good, Jerry & Shelli from Yellowstone Park for being so damn gorgeous and friendly, Stewart from Flickr for being the only person to spot my CC referencing T-shirt; and finally Ian Hardy from the BBC, whose brief interview with me caused my phone to fill up with surprised messages as it was broadcast across the nation. Damn, now everyone knows what I look and sound like. Oh well.

The rest of the time in New York was equally spot on – thanks to Justin for quickly slipping me in for a DJ set the day after the awards at Nublu – quite a mellow set by my standards, but the hangover from the previous night, plus that day’s intense scorch and humidity left me in a, shall we say, gentler state of mind than usual. Top night though. And one last thanks to the rampaging creative insanity of the Levy family, masterminds behind the “1 more time for the 9” subway party that left me slack-jawed and drunk with the intensity of a spontaneously generated NY gathering. (Thanks to Brianvan for the pictures – why not play “Where’s Eric?” – I can spot three appearences in the set, hehe…)

Back on planet Brighton, there was barely enough time to catch breath before heading off to Glastonbury – intending to give a bit of mobile blogging as we moved through the Glastosphere, but, as any battle hardened glasto-fule kno, the best laid plans get forcibly removed from your brain at the gate, and are replaced with a mixture of cotton-candy and mud. Also the sludge seriously impacted on my ability to search out the free wireless hotspots and by then a cloud of alcohol-induced dunkirk spirit had enveloped me. Ah well, so it goes. Alan and Charlie at the London News Review did a pretty good job of documenting it anyway…

A crazy one, indeed. But fun, always fun. Even when this led to this, this, this and this, there’s still time for this.

Anf finally lastly, the other Friday saw the launch of the new All Time Top 100 clubnight in Brighton, which yours truly will be spinning (well, laptopping ;) at a couple of times each month (check the turntable experience page for info) – a splendind time as usual and boding well for the future, indeed.

So there we are. New York, Glastonbury, ATT100 growing and an ISP crash. For me, quite an interesting month, but now looking forward to kicking about the homestead for a little while. How about you?