Everybody wants a piece of the action…

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Or it seems like it – Another festival date to announce, again in the Netherlands, to form a counterpoint to our previously announced show at Zomerparkfeest, we’ll be playing The Booch Festival in Heerlen the night before, Saturday 13th August! Shaping up to be an excellent weekend, especially if the reaction we got at Mama’s Pride in Geleen the other week is anything to go by…!

See ya soon!

Glastonbury Set Times – Important Update

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

glastonbury festival

Hey everyone, unfortunately I have to make a correction to the previously announced set times for Glastonbury. For once, not our mistake at all. Apparently this information will make it everywhere apart from the mini-guide, which has already gone to press – everything else, the programme, the glasto website (not quite right yet, but will be soon!), and the spanking new mobile app, should contain the correct info which is as follows:

Friday 02:30am – East Dance Tent Silent Disco (90m Full AudioVisual Spectacular)
(That’s Thursday night, obviously!)

Saturday 01:00pm – Dance Village Cubehenge (75min daytime outdoor DJ Set)

Monday 02:00am – East Dance Tent Silent Disco (2.5hr Eric special “120×120” DJ Set)
(Again, that’s Sunday night, obviously!)

So basically the Thursday night set is now a bit shorter, and the Saturday night set has moved to Sunday night and is now a bit longer!

Looking very likely there’ll be a DJ set somewhere in Shangri-La on either Friday or Saturday night too – watch the facebook and twitter pages for details – busy busy busy!