The right thing at the right time

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005

Here’s a couple of recent articles that are too excellent to avoid a quick mention. I don’t like to use this blog just to recycle links usually (check out the links section of the website to see a range of blogs and sites that may arouse you, if you’re so inclined), but these are really great reads.

First up is Kevin Kelly’s excellent summation of the web so far in Wired, “We Are The Web” – once past the clunky title (which can’t help but bring to mind a cacophonous chorus of charidee-minded bloggers turned pop stars), there’s a wonderful summation of the web wide world so far that charts it’s history and shows how most regular people came to end up wrapped and enraptured in it.

Second up (via BoingBoing) is Scott Kleper’s (good name!) “Introduction to Copyfighting” , a brief but informative introduction to the current online war of intellectual property rights. If you’ve ever wondered about the legal side of what we do, and what a lot of other similar types are doing (and, indeed, have already done), this is a great primer.