Hectic City 18 – Absolute Elsewhere

ABSOLUTE ELSEWHERE is four and a half hours of lovingly sequenced, slow and spacious cosmique sounds, library music, psych grooves, soundtrack selections, and yes, some lovely bloody prog rock. It’s certainly not a mix that’s in a hurry, so feel free to nod off to it, wake up to it, space out to it, do whatever you want to it. It’s yours.

Download links for mp3 & flac available from our mailing list.

2 Responses to “Hectic City 18 – Absolute Elsewhere”

  1. David says:

    Hey! Love the new mix. For some reason (probably I’m an idiot) I can’t download the mix from the e-mail, it just opens the file as a new browser window and starts playing, even if I Control + click, etc. Here on your site I can download no problem…

  2. bizarrojerri says:

    Hey Eric.

    Thanks for this amazing selection. Spent the last week listening to it on my commute and it really hit the spot.

    Any chance of a tracklist? Some nice ones here I would love to delve more into.

    Keep on kleptoning!


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