Whose ass is it anyway?

Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

(aka “Get your hands offa my ass”)

This cracks me up. I expect a mass riot any day now Stateside as East and West coasts start battling over the phrase “All the ladies in the house go…”

PS Thanks to all for feedback on the XFM Show. We’ve been slack on getting the new hosting sorted, but as people seem to be wanting it, I might just stick the whole thing up as a torrent for now anyway – watch this space.


Now, bizarrely, (maybe, maybe not) I have a Google DeskBar, which I love (much more than the clunky toolbar), but having that handy little slot in your system tray means that I’ve developed a major tendency to cut and paste phrases into it just to see what pops up.

(Yeah, I know, you’re thinking, “So he hasn’t sorted out their hosting, but he’ll sit there all night sticking random phrases into Google? Priorities, my man, priorities…”)

Anyway, was impressed to find that sticking “Whose ass is it anyway?” into my googleslot brings up this delightfully wordy article from four years back, wherein a rather deluded advertising guy bemoans the downhill spiral of quality in his industry, in a world where:

“popular culture has become a vague miasma of insincerity constructed from a sarcastic vibe”

Are you going to tell him, or shall I?

It was a new year yesterday…

Wednesday, January 12th, 2005

…but by golly, it feels like an old year right now, doesn’t it?

First up, a belated happy new year to you all, and as we said on the site, thanks to all who came and frugged 2005 into existance at the All Time Top 100 Blow out – a damn fine party to be sure…

Secondly, I’ll extend the new year’s honours that we gave to our mailing list (along with a little xmas present – see what you’re missing out on?), and give a loud and hearty thanks to everyone that has listened to, talked about, blogged about, emailed comments about, given the finger to Disney on behalf of, hosted, mirrored, written about etc… anything that we’ve done this past year.

(And double thanks to anyone who stuck us in their end-of-year charts – we’re honoured)

We could blather on about it and single people out for praise, but we want to keep this short. You know who you are, anyway, and it’s all really really appreciated, maaaan.

Next up, the reason for our recent quietness is that we’ve been a little hive of industry, and have been locked away polishing off 60 minutes of new stuff for an exclusive radio mix for James Hyman’s “The Rinse” show on XFM here in swinging Londonengland..

The show will air on Sunday 23rd January at 1am GMT – You can listen on their website, so if you fancy a spot of new New Year sounds direct from Kleptonia, please tune in – we’d love to have you along…

(Also following our mix at 2am is an hour mix set from the legendary Jazzy Jeff – an honour to be warming up for the man, to be sure)

That’s about it for now, I think…