Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Hello folks,

Set times for Kendal Calling and Beachdown ahoy!

Kendal : We’re on 7pm Main Stage on Friday 1st August. (Before Beardyman and Dizzee Rascal :)

Beachdown : We’re on 3:45pm (ish) Second Stage on Saturday 23rd August.

All good! Sadly, due to the times of the sets and other restraints, we’re not going to be able to bring the super spanking video experience to either festival (aw!), but rest assured we’ll be making up for it in all manner of other “unplugged” crazyness – and, of course, we want you to be part of it (and you will!), so if you’re coming along, dig out your finest duds and get fresh for the weekend – we’re showing out…!


PS Making up for the lack of video at the above, Crumbs Chief made an excellent video for “Underground Hand” off 24 Hours – Shame we can’t show it on the big screen just yet… but here tis – Many, many thanks CC :)