Kleptones Alive!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

New trailer for our live show from the chaps at Butch Auntie, and a tribute to the ace crowds we get to play with!

Are you in there?

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Haven’t had a Videotone for a while, and here’s a new doozy! Marcus Round sends “Black Medicine” spiraling out into the stratosphere! Full screen a must with this one… it’s lovely.

Have we got a little story for you…

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

We’re on hiatus at the moment, moving cities to London, so we’re taking some time out to focus on relocation and to charge our batteries – folks are still finishing off the album videos – Thanks to the awesome Instamatic for the amazing head trip above… there’s still a couple left to make, so if you fancy having a go, email us asap!

With a little help from our friends…

Friday, November 12th, 2010


That means YOU!

You should be well aware that we’ve been putting together videos for the entire “Uptime/Downtime” album – the project is coming along quite nicely, thanks to the sterling efforts of the directors involved, but now it’s time for YOU to help us out!

Yup, that’s right – There’s only one video left to make for “Uptime”, and that’s “Body Jump”.

Now we thought it would be a rather splendid idea, rather than edit together existing footage, that we get YOU (yes, YOU) to send us stuff, which we’ll edit together into the final video, thus showing an excellent cross section of Kleptones fans from around the world.

We thought we’d have two options:

1 – As befits the subject matter of the song, we want you to send us video clips of yourself, or your friends, or your family, or your pets or whatever…) either JUMPING or DANCING. If you want to mouth some of the words of the tune too, that’s cool, but the action is the main thing – use your excellent imaginations…

2 – If you can’t video, then we’d like you to take a picture of yourself (or your friends etc…) holding up a sign that says “Kleptones” – yes, you can add witty messages, just as long as they’re clearly visible – remember quite a lot of people will end up watching the video on a little YouTube size screen.

That’s it. Really simple, innit?

Doesn’t matter what you use – your phone is fine, better quality cameras are great if you have them.

For uploading / sending, we’d recommend using a free no-registration service like WeTransfer, but whatever suits you best – If you want to upload it to Vimeo or Flickr first and send us the link, that’s fine too…

Send anything and everything (including questions, if you have them!) to this address:


So please, please, help us out, return the favour for all the free tunes we’ve given you and make us a quick pic or vid – the more we get the better it will be and we will love you for it, what’s more you’ll be immortalised on the “Uptime/Downtime” DVD (and maybe even end up as part of the live AV show)!!!

(Also it will give us the confidence to launch another, considerably more insane project with you all next year…)

Remind yourself what “Body Jump” sounds like here

The deadline for submissions is Monday 6th December EXTENDED TO 10th January 2011 – Now there’s no excuse!

PS Three new DJ dates: 01/12 Dusseldorf, 11/12 Brighton, 17/12 Manchester :)
details on the site – full info in the next post!

Packet of three?

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Work continues on The Videotones project, with an army of stars bringing every track from “Uptime/Downtime” into your vision. We’re getting close to the end, but still there are a few tracks left to do – if you’re visually inspired and you’d like to contribute, email us and we’ll have a chat!

Major thanks go to Tim Dabringhaus from Blofeldcine, Brad Mackey from Crappy Logo, and Tom Beg for their excellent work below. It’s getting really exciting seeing the pieces of the jigsaw slowly assemble in front of our eyes :)