With the lights up, it sustains us…

(Yes, I know it’s a mis-quote – watch the first vid and you’ll get it, mm’kay?)

Okay, time for a round-up of what’s new and happening here in K-land. Do I sound enthusiastic? That’s because I am!

First up, here’s a little video reminder / souvenir of our first Glastonbury set of this year, lovingly cut together by my erstwhile video collegue Pete Wallace of Butch Auntie. Props also go to Simon Risbridger for capturing the crowd mayhem and sorting the credits!

Next up is a new instalment to The Videotones project, which, as a whole, has already clocked up over 110,000 views on Vimeo alone (a large chunk of which is due to Crumbs Chief’s spectacular vid for “Come Again” being bounced around Twitter, Facebook and the blogs quite a bit over the past couple of weeks – thanks to all who reposted it!).

The latest instalment is a Downtime tune for a change, with Reborn Identity back (quite literally) in the saddle, discovering the western tension in “Exit”:

What’s more, if you’re in Oakland in the good ol’ USA this Friday (6th) you’ll be able to see the aforementioned Crumbs Chief video for “Come Again” shown large on The Great Wall Of Oakland, sometime between 6pm and 11pm! They’re taking some photos for us, so we’ll be able to show you how it looks!

Finally, we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be spreading our wings again, this time to Brazil, to play Bootie Rio on the 17th September! Full details and flyers as soon as we have them!

Ciao ciao!

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