True faith

I must extend exceedingly warm thanks and praise to the good folks of The Birthday Party in Manchester, who did an splendid job in putting on one of the most excellent parties I’ve had the pleasure to play at in some time this Saturday.

From the delight of seeing Tony Wilson scowling over a pair of CD decks (apparently for the first time ever!) whilst delivering a set that ranged from Patti Smith and “Venus In Furs” to some decidely evil sounding electro tinged hip-hop, to the gallic-erotic delights of The Lovers and the hardest working Samba/Funk crowd-surprise you’ll ever see in your life (alright, Johnny!), I spent the hours before my own bout of laptop scowling constantly scooping my jaw off the ground at the wide ranging intensity of it all, lapped up by a splendid, more than up-for it sold-out crowd.

Oh, and they seemed to like my contribution a bit too. Which was nice.

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  1. Reza says:

    Thanks for the kind words Eric, not sure if you remember me but we meet in the living room of Vicki.

    I watched you snoozing around 6am on the armchair, and remember thinking what a gentle kind face you had and how relaxed and comfortable you seem to be on the chair that you appeared twice as big as. Decided soon after that to stop dancing in the living room and get to bed.

    Hope to see you back up here soon, hopefully for the No.6, check for latest details
    plus number 7 is already in the pipe.
    Smoke that! Reza x

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