With the lights up, it sustains us…

Posted on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 by erickleptone

(Yes, I know it’s a mis-quote – watch the first vid and you’ll get it, mm’kay?)

Okay, time for a round-up of what’s new and happening here in K-land. Do I sound enthusiastic? That’s because I am!

First up, here’s a little video reminder / souvenir of our first Glastonbury set of this year, lovingly cut together by my erstwhile video collegue Pete Wallace of Butch Auntie. Props also go to Simon Risbridger for capturing the crowd mayhem and sorting the credits!

Next up is a new instalment to The Videotones project, which, as a whole, has already clocked up over 110,000 views on Vimeo alone (a large chunk of which is due to Crumbs Chief’s spectacular vid for “Come Again” being bounced around Twitter, Facebook and the blogs quite a bit over the past couple of weeks – thanks to all who reposted it!).

The latest instalment is a Downtime tune for a change, with Reborn Identity back (quite literally) in the saddle, discovering the western tension in “Exit”:

What’s more, if you’re in Oakland in the good ol’ USA this Friday (6th) you’ll be able to see the aforementioned Crumbs Chief video for “Come Again” shown large on The Great Wall Of Oakland, sometime between 6pm and 11pm! They’re taking some photos for us, so we’ll be able to show you how it looks!

Finally, we’re delighted to announce that we’ll be spreading our wings again, this time to Brazil, to play Bootie Rio on the 17th September! Full details and flyers as soon as we have them!

Ciao ciao!

Let’s go surfin’ now, everybody’s learnin’ how…

Posted on Thursday, July 15th, 2010 by erickleptone

Okay, so “Shits & Giggles” is taking a little longer than expected – blame the good weather, the World Cup and a pile of good gigs, but we’re on it, don’t worry…

So there’s still time to enter the cover artwork “competition” if you like – Anything on the theme of the album title, the weirder and wilder the better – had some very weird and wild ones so far too! – email it to us here.

What? Another taster? Okay then – this should rinse the wax out of yer earholes…

Surf Mountain (Direct Download)

Link removed – Track is available on the Shits & Giggles Download page!

Out of the record, and into the revolution…

Posted on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 by erickleptone

crackdown 2 coverOkay, a bit of big news that we’ve been keeping very quiet about over the last six months, is that we’ve contributed a remix to the new XBox 360 game Crackdown 2 – So whilst steaming your way around the (frankly rather awesome) gameworld, you’ll be hit by versions of tunes by Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Public Enemy, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Damned and Blue Oyster Cult, remixed by The Bug, Mistabishi, Dan The Automator, King Cannibal, El-B and Sientific American.

Honoured to be in such excellent company, we’re proud to add to that list our own remix of REM’s “Ignoreland”.

As is the way in such cases, we can’t let you hear the track here – you’ll have to get hold of a copy if you want the full Kleptones-enhanced experience, but believe me it’s worth it – developers Ruffian Games have done a mighty fine job, and pretty much all of the reviews seem to agree…

purefest flyer
Quick bit of gig news to add – on 24th July Eric will be heading over to the Czech Republic to headline “Pure Fest”, a one day outdoor event in Mladá Boleslav (about 50km outside Prague). Looks like a seriously diverse range of music on offer, so we’re delighted to be invited to the party – if you’re in the vicinity, get yourself along – It’s our first time in the Czech Republic so it’s sure to be a good one!

What we (and others) did on our holidays…

Posted on Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 by erickleptone

kleptones at glastonbury 24th June 2010
kleptones crowd at glastonbury 24th June 2010

The Kleptones @ Glastonbury Festival Dance Village 24th June 2010 – a few quick dirty screengrabs! (Video bites and second set to follow as soon as it’s all converted and edited!)

Meanwhile, what everyone else got up to while we were away… THREE new Videotones from the legends that are Crumbs Chief, Mashup-Germany and Instamatic!

All we can say is a breathless thanks to the three awesome videopeeps above for their excellent work, and all of you that came and got crazy with us at Glastonbury! As u should all know by now, it really is one of our favourite places to play, and this year’s shows were genuinely THE best ever, for which we’re very grateful to the organizers and the excellent stage crews for making it happen so good! Me (Eric) of course must also extend the hugest of thanks to Pete Wallace, Simon Risbridger and all the Videotones contributors (especially the project helmsman Instamatic) for making it shine out so brightly – What a crew! :)

Here’s hoping we get a chance to try and top it next year! Wooop!!!

Glastonbury set times

Posted on Thursday, June 10th, 2010 by erickleptone

We’re just leaving to head over to Heerlen in the Netherlands, to open the i_beta festival tonight – if you’re in the vicinity, come along!

Wanted to post the Glastonbury set times before we went though:

Thursday 24th June – 11.30pm : East Dance Tent, Dance Village (Silent Disco – 2hr AV set)

Sunday 27th June – 11pm : Rabbit Hole Stage, The Park (Noisy Disco! – 90m AV set)

There’s a considerable possibility that Eric will be popping up somewhere to do a DJ set or two in between the above shows – details may appear here, or more likely on the Twitter and Facebook pages – watch the skies!

As a sign off, here’s a little piece of role reversal for any fans of “24 Hours”:

Unwanted Whisper (direct download)

Link removed – Track is available on the Shits & Giggles Download page!

A whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on…

Posted on Friday, May 28th, 2010 by erickleptone

Hello folks, hope youre all doing fine. It’s been a while, but, as always with us, that means we’ve got tons of stuff to tell you about, so buckle in, it’s a long one!

i_beta logoFirst up is some gig information, which we’ll attempt in an orderly fashion:

Thursday 10th June : i_beta festival, Niewe Nor, Heerlen, Netherlands (Venue and ticket details here)

The event descripes itself as “…all about being in development, learning, adapting and evolving. At the i_beta/festival 2010 we present new trends from e-culture, e-conomy and the challenges for the international region of Limburg. A varied programme offers new experiences and ideas for creatives and entrepreneurs alike.” A great concept and one that we’re delighted to be a part of. We’ll be opening the event at the ace Niewe Nor venue, playing a full AV set. Tickets are available just for our show, or for the full event!

24th-27th June : Glastonbury Festival, UK

Well it wouldn’t be summer without a customary visit to the finest music and arts festival on the planet would it? This year we’re delighted to be playing in three different locations (and there may be more to come…) including another legendary Silent Disco set. We’ll have days and times for you very, very soon, so watch this space.

festinho banner

27-29th August : Festinho, Hinwick House, Northamptonshire (NOT Bedfordshire, but near!)

Given the excellent reception and generally awesome time we had here last year, it’s going to be an absolute pleasure to return to Festinho and their new (gorgeous) site at Hinwick House. With Hexstatic and AGT Rave Cru on the bill too it’s going to be quite a cut’n’paste fest! Highly recommended that you come along!

More summer shows to be announced soon, and a couple of extra-special shows in planning for September and October that are really going to knock your socks!

Okay… while this is all very well and good, you’ll be wanting some more music won’t you, insatiable ones?

Well, in the preparations for the above we have indeed been creating some new bits and pieces (as well as remixing and twisting some oldies, but you’ll have to come to the shows to hear them!) and also doing some general clearing out of the hard drives, and yes there’s a lot of stuff on them that you haven’t heard (over two CDs worth!) – part of the problem of doing “concept” works is that things that don’t fit the concept get left out, which is often a shame!

So in the time-honoured tradition of stop-gap albums, we’re putting together a collection of our favourite unreleased tracks. There’ll be a few new ones too, a couple of previously-blog-only favourites and maybe even the oft-whispered-about “Night At The Hip-Hopera” missing tracks, that were left off the final running order so it would fit on a single CD.

Having surveyed the possible inclusions, we’ve decided to entitle the collection “Shits And Giggles”, as that was indeed what many of the tunes were created for.

It’ll be out sometime towards the end of June, but in the meantime we’d like to ask you a favour… It has come to our notice that more than a few of you are of a visually artistic bent, so we’d like to invite you to make the cover for the album themed around the title. (“Shits And Giggles”, innit?). Doesn’t matter whether it’s photography, hand-drawn, photoshopped, whatever, if you think you’d like to have a go, do so, and email us the results by 15th June at the latest, preferably sooner! Whoever does the one we like the best can negotiate a prize with us :)

As a bit of a taster, here’s a couple of new tracks from the album to get you in the mood.

Lazy Dancer (Direct download)

Flik Flok (Direct download)

(Links removed – Tracks are now available on the Shits & Giggles Download page!)

And as an additional bonus, amongst many other awesome producers we were asked by the fine folks at Bootie Rio to contribute a track towards Brazillian national newspaper O Globo’s style guide to the last decade, using only tunes from that decade. We just happened to be working on a tune that fit the bill so we gave it to them! Have a listen here:

Heydrum (Direct download)

(Link removed – Track is now available on the Shits & Giggles Download page!)

We’ll be posting more tunes to Soundcloud as they near completion, so keep your eyes peeled there, or join up and follow us – you never know what might appear…

Phew. So much going on and more to come – hope you like the tunes and looking forward to seeing you at a festival for a drink in the sun!

While the cat’s away…

Posted on Friday, April 2nd, 2010 by erickleptone

Eric’s in LA, checking out some downtown action prior to Bootie this Saturday at the Echoplex, but the Videotones team march on regardless… This time Instamatic is back, cutting up a metric crapton of different films with a pertinent common thread to make his excellent take on “Mad Groove”:

Is this just desire or the truth?

Posted on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 by erickleptone

Who knows… but this is Reborn Identity’s excellently tripped-out re-interpretation of Downtime’s “Untired” – The latest release from The Videotones project.

As always, make sure you watch full screen!

Tuning in the shine on the late night dial

Posted on Monday, March 29th, 2010 by erickleptone

Greetings from San Francisco! Despite the fine drizzle outside today, we’re having a mighty fine time entertaining the Californian Bootie troops out here – already two highly memorable shows in Portland and SF, and one more to go this Saturday 3rd April in LA! (although don’t forget we’ll be zooming home for Bootie London on Friday 9th April)

Evolution Control CommitteeIn the meantime, if you want to hear it straight from the animal’s oral cavity, tomorrow Eric will be the special guest on The Evolution Control Committee‘s “The Sound Of Plaid” radio show.

If you’re unfamiliar with ECC’s work (and shame on you if so!), check out the many fine tracks on their download page, or to hear an example of their influence on the K-Sound, Eric recommends checking the classic “Rocked By Rape”.

The show airs tomorrow live 8-10pm PST, and there’s also several repeats on Thursday including ones at more Euro-friendly times. If you can’t catch those though fret not, as the show will also be archived on the ECC site. Full details of all the times and locations can be found here!

So tune in or miss out!

marching on…

Posted on Sunday, March 7th, 2010 by erickleptone

Happy early days of spring in the north-western quadrasphere (or something) to you. More gigs and Videotones news for you – read in!

synthetiquette flyerStraight in with the gigs – frist up, a rather overdue hometown show here in Brighton on Friday 19th March, as part of the Synthetiquette night at The Hope – also playing are Neon Highwire and Officer 82. It’ll be a great way to blow off the cobwebs before we head off to the USA, but get down early as it’s not a huge room!

Second up, speaking of the USA, we’re delighted to be extending our existing Californian excursion into the fine county of Oregon – That’s right, we’ll be touching down in Portland on Friday 26th March for Bootie Portland! Really looking forward to this one as we’ve made some fine contacts in Portland over the years, so it’ll be good to finally hook up!

Not in Portland or Brighton? Whimper not, for here is the next installment of the Videotones project – The director is Brad Mackey of Crappy Logo Productions, who adds a splendidly psychedelic edge to “MKY Da HVN”: