Enjoy The Silence

No smart comments from me this time – just pushing a good article about one persons perception of the impact of the iPod et al. (needs a login – get one from Bug Me Not)

A similar article would probably have been written about 20 years ago regarding the Walkman, but there are still a couple of strong points that resonate through, as they would have done 25 years ago, or 50 years ago, come to that…

“…Brant admits to the pressures of such superrichness. He feels obliged to listen for all he’s worth. He doesn’t deny that he may not be listening as well as he once did. If you can listen to everything, you may end up hearing nothing. I sometimes wish half of Brant’s iPod were filled with blank spaces. Music cannot begin or end without silence in front and behind. Unending music is not music.”

I recall Ralf Hutter from Kraftwerk making similar comments in an interview once; he made a point of ensuring that he listened to no music for a period of each day – something I do too, I have to say, although maybe not so consciously: It surprises me sometimes when I notice I’ve been working for a few hours and have completely forgotten to put any music on…

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  1. Pedraum says:

    I’ve thought about this for a while…interesting to read the perspective of someone who hasn’t experienced digital music. My life is better since my digital tunes follow me around. I do, however, feel like all my music isn’t getting fair treatment. The Stone Roses got 30 listens in a row. Now any particular song gets played a couple times…there’s a lot of music to listen to yo!

    I like the Kleptones.


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