Be constructive with your blues…

Interesting piece from Andrew O’Hagen in the telegraph.

“Sometimes winning is just another name for conforming to a glaring expectation. Losing is a virtue too little regarded as a motor of artistic invention.

A fine point, at least in music, as in one respect, generations of country balladeers, blueswailers and torch singers will testify. In another respect, see the multitude of bands who “used to be known as” – the latest English example being the Kaiser Chiefs, who had their previous (“Parva”) incarnation’s hopes cruelly flushed down the pan when their label went kaput just after they’d recorded their debut album. However, they’ve managed to turn their depressions and furies around and are now having the last laugh. “I Predict A Riot”, indeed.

“How un-American, I know, but there’s something to be said… for looking in the eye of a rival and knowing you are lost. Art can begin there too. “No matter,” wrote Samuel Beckett. “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Amen to that.

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  1. James says:

    Thought you guys might like this:

    Get Perpendicular

    Thanks for the tunes.

  2. amski says:

    This was a great spot, James!

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