These little town blues are melting away…

Well, first and foremost, it looks like the torrent server has fallen over, and unfortunately, I’m out of town and the only one with the technological knowhow to kick things into touch. Having said that, I’m tring to get a message through to someone else with kicking instructions, but we’ll see what happens.

So if you’re tring to use the torrents – my humblest apologies – normal service will be resumed in a few days.

Secondly, it looks like some of the background graphics aren’t coming up on the site, giving it rather a bare appearence. The site files look fine, but again, someone’s taking an educated peek to sort it.

Why does all this always happen whenever I go away?

“Gone away?”, you ask? “Where has he gone?”

Well, I’m in New York, as some of you may be aware, to collect our wunnerful Webby award. We ‘ve kept it pretty quiet on the site, humble non-own-trumpet-blowing types that we are, but we’ve been bopped on the head by too many of our friends, all of them saying “You won an award, you dumbasses, tell people about it!”

So here you go. The wonderful International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences have deigned to give us the award of “Artist Of The Year”, for our contributions to the swinging beat of the internet drum.

Yay. And more Yay.

(Pauses to open bottle of champagne. No really, I honestly am. Me? In a New York hotel room with a bottle of premier champagne? With my reputation? What were they thinking?)

One pop, fizz, glug, swig, belch later…

Anyway, the ceremony for the awards is tomorrow night, at the rather fancy Gotham Hall, so we’ve broken our audiovisual duck and, with the nimble digital-fingered help of the wonderful Nhungsta, put together a little video to show.

Should be interesting to see how it all goes. I am, naturally, rather nervous about the whole thing, being sole ‘tones representative and all, so I’ve taken a couple of extra days to get into the New Yorkiness of it all before the insanity sets in.

And happily succeeded, due to the rather splendid nature of this fine city. Grabbing a last minute ticket to go see the Philip Glass Ensemble do a live score to “Powqqatsi” last night was a serious treat, especially as I’d never seen them before, and I love wor Phil. (The prelude to his opera “Akhnaten” is one of my all-time favourite pieces of music – highly recommended).

Was very interesting to see a more electronic side to Glass’s work being performed live, too, as the score features quite a bit of sampled percussion loops and vocals. Cueing these accurately proved very tricky for the ensemble to integrate into their live playing, overwhelmingly so for the two percussionists, who seemed to lose the groove quite badly at one point when a sampled loop came in, doing a good impression of someone having a really hard time learning how to beat-mix. They picked it back up well though – overall an incredible performance.

From there downtown to Misshapes, for the afterparty to the Killers / Louis XIV show in Central Park, which was a swell do, plenty of beer, beats and pogoing. Good to see a fine dose of 80s poptasms being blended in with the electroclashes and new no-waveisms. Cyndi Lauper’s “She Bop” has never sounded so good. What do you mean “It never did sound any good?”… get yourself into the remedial “Quality 80s cheese and how to appreciate it” class, immediately…

Suffice to say now , I’m now feeling a little tender-headed, but find myself having been suitably formatted into a New York State Of Mind. Hurrah.

Right, I’m now going to and see which of the million open wireless networks here will let me in to post this up. There are so many hotspots here now that it’s a wonder you can’t actually feel the air being weighed down with the transmissions.

But in the meantime, once again, thanks to everyone for the feedback, blogging, words of support etc… We’re chuffed well beyond chuff level 100. Couldn’t have done it without all of you. New stuff is on its way soon, rest assured.

sip, belch, repeat to coda.

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