Okay, so maybe it was a little over adventurous to attempt to get the album uploaded and working before leaving to go to the Alps for a week.

Apologies for the buggered torrent and the lack of full zips. We’re trying to find a connection with a fast upload so we can sort it, don’t know if we will, so it won’t be working till the weekend. Sorry!

In the meantime thanks for the feedback and enjoy the album!

14 Responses to “Arg.”

  1. B2 says:

    So why no track listings? Are we supposed to just guess what’s what?

  2. Dan Nugent says:

    Love the album, you’re a fucking cocktease though, I would’ve killed a man for a full on Sledgehammer + Superstition mashup, War of Confusion’s awesome anyway.

  3. -=-Phin says:

    Your stuff is great and makes me very happy. I am mightily impressed.

    -=-Phineas Narco

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, you rock!

  5. jelo & jcpdt7j says:

    don’t be sorry when you produce such a strong music experience

    applause applause :)

  6. jelo & jcpdt7j says:

    You are incredibly good people!!!

    How can I send you money?
    Yes, money : remember?… you HAVE to eat 8-)

  7. spark says:

    be advised that seems to be blocking taffic from other countries (i.e.: the bittorrent server does not work)

  8. Tuwa says:

    Stooges + Elton John + what? Or is that “Down on the Street” chopped up and reorganized? I know the higher part is from it but I can’t recognize the chunky distorted riff.

  9. Mash says:

    Here are some “quotes” that some people may have said at one time or another.

    “God it made my ears bleed… What the hell do you call that then hey? these days..”

    “Quite simply, you are downloadable genius!”

    “Yet another mighty release from Eric et al…”

    “Thanks very much you freaks!”

    “Phil Collins isn’t gonna like this”

    “Nothing more can be said”

  10. Anonymous says:

    Just found:

    Downloads all the mp3 files using a small ruby script.

  11. Leo of BORG says:

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful stuff.

  12. Leo of BORG says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  13. Moz says:

    Jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, aural nirvana. Mashup as an art form? I say Yes! Brilliant work!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Honestly man, Thanks.
    I haven’t heard anything else of yours but I’m not exaggerating when I say I believe “24 hour split” is a triumph. With no expectations, I downloaded it, I could never have expected that every track (especially from 7 onwards) would rock and knock that furious funk vibe right through me. Just one hour later I burnt off four copies to give to friends and headed out to a party where just one CD stayed in rotation for the entirety of the night! You guys have just prematurely made my summer of 2006 and I congratulate you on the superb quality of this mixing. This CD is definitely going to be played in many a sound system all over the joint from 12hour parties in Glasgow and London and Barcelona right through to drunken camping in Arran. I’d have sent you this as an email but couldn’t find an address for the life of me.

    Could I suggest that you implement some sort of micro payments system on your site? If you are going to be giving this stuff away for free I know a whole lot of people would like to show their appreciation with a little cash. If you set up some sort of paypal thing then everyone could just give you an unspecified amount and at least you could get a little towards the bandwidth of the site or something. Honestly man, thanks I really hope you guys will swing by Scotland sometime soon and you can bet I’ll be there to shake your hands. I would personally love to see you in Sub club. Good luck!
    Best regards,
    Glasgow, Scotland.

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