I like to be here when I can…

Yup, home again. Head in pieces, but body mostly intact. (hehe…)

Must first extend large warm-hearted thanks to The Birthday Party and On The Piste for working their asses off for the amazing week of frolics that was Trans Alpine XS.

A blur of snow and insanity from the get go, everyone involved rocked hard from start to finish, allowing us to play some great sets (including one, claimed by Jim All Time Top 100 to be our best ever, although you’ve probably sobered up and changed your mind now, Jim ;), along the way making some excellent friends. Thanks and greetings to the Tramp! boys, the It’s Bigger Than boys, the inspirational JD Twitch, The very wonderful Howard Marks (room-mate and a half for most of the week), the equally wonderful Clint Boon (and better half, hi Charlie!, room-mates for the last day), Martin Brew, Rob Bright, Laurie Laptop, Sean Smith… sure there’s more, but our brains are on a go-slow as the bodies digest the full English breakfast that is the traditional return-home meal for most Brits abroad.

So, back to reality with a bump to find that we’re out of bandwidth again, but there are new, working and better than ever torrents up, which should please most of you. The rest should look to your peers, and your peer-to-peers, or check the comments in the previous posts.

Also while we were away, found out about a couple of veeeeery interesting things, first the new DJ Shadow single, which will certainly raise some eyebrows, but jaws remain on the floor at the news that the multitrack parts for two of the tracks from David Byrne & Brian Eno’s seminal (i.e. as essential to your life as semen) album “My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts” are to be made available for free under a CC licence. Gentlemen, my hat, and other easily-removable pieces of clothing, come off to you! I’ll save the rest for when you make the full album available (hinty fucking hint). The future lies this way, folks – record companies looking for back catalogue interest please take note.

3 Responses to “I like to be here when I can…”

  1. Colin Ashe says:

    Just got a chance to listen to the full album (traveling, good net access is a rare blessing) and, well, thanks. Absolutely amazing. Gotta agree with another earlier poster, you’re teasing me with the damn superstition sample on War of Confusion – I want more of that! But great stuff, and you guys should really throw up a PayPal link or something similar – I think plenty of us would be happy to give back a little for this.

  2. jelo & jcpdt7j says:

    repeat again: don’t you need to eat?

    maybe you don’t want our money?

  3. Anonymous says:

    run rabbit run
    dig that hole
    forget the sun
    and when at last the job is done
    don’t sit down
    it’s time to make
    another one

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