This IS the real life…

Rumours abound that we will be playing a DJ set within Second Life as part of the launch party for Wired magazine’s new SL office this coming Saturday (4-7pm PST)…

Are the rumours true? Well, you’ll just have to teleport in and find out!

5 Responses to “This IS the real life…”

  1. Stavr0 Mycron says:

    All true, and that was a great party!

    The Wired Housewarming was one of the first events I participated in and the music just rocked my (second) world.

    Good Job Kleptone!

  2. SeaJay says:

    Cool. Diggin the new blog.

  3. eric says:

    Indeed it was true! Apparently the mix has been left on rotation, so if you missed it you can teleport in using the link in the post above – there’s some decks set up round the back of of the office – just go over and turn your audio stream on!

  4. maurice says:

    Ok, so how can we buy this mix? I love it

  5. razen says:

    hey, any chance of getting a copy of this set in mp3 form? It’s fuckin’ great.

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