Hectic City 3c – If there’s a glitch, you’re an ostrich.

Okay, here be HC3c – The third and final installment of our favourite tunes of 2006. It’s been a lot of fun compiling this lot, have to say, and it’s reminded us that this year has been rather good all round for fine music. Our hats come off to all the artists featured over the past three weeks – Thanks!

Since you ask, if we had to pick out a couple of albums and say they were the best of the year, it would fall to a close tie between these three, we reckon:

The Joe Beats Experiment – Indie Rock Blues

Guillemots – Through The Window Pane

Spank Rock – Yoyoyoyoyo

Brains, balls and soul all present and correct in the highest ofĂ‚ levelsĂ‚ within all three of those, which is just the way we like it. You really should listen to them from start to finish, if you haven’t already. Well worth it.

Anyhoo, tracklist for HC3c is:

Brightblack Morning Light – Everybody Daylight (from their eponymous album)
Scritti Politti – The Boom Boom Bap (from the album “White Bread, Black Beer”)
Guillemots – Through The Window Pane (from the album of the same name)
Lupe Fiasco – The Instrumental (from the album “Food & Liquor”)
Ty – Don’t Watch That (from the album “Closer”)
Cunnilinguists – Hellfire [Joey Beats Mix] (unreleased)
M.Ward – Sad, Sad Song (Joe Beats Experiment Mix) (from the album “Indie Rock Blues”)
The Grates – Rock Boys (from the album “Gravity Won’t Get You High”)
Subtle – Midas Gutz (from the album “For Hero For Fool”)
Union Of Knives – Opposite Direction (from the album “Violence And Birdsong”)
Scuba – Twista (single)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Phenomena (from the album “Show Your Bones”)
Mew – The Zookeeper’s Boy (from the album “And The Glass Handed Kites”)
Cynic Guru – Drugs (single)
Extra Golden – OK-Oyot System (from the album of the same name)
Eliot Lipp – Rap Tight (from the album “Tacoma Mockingbird”)
Trentemoller – While The Cold Winter Waiting (from the album “The Last Resort”)
Matthew’s Celebrity Pixies Tribute – Wave Of Mutilation (website)
Jarvis- Running The World (from the album “Jarvis”)

That’s yer lot for ’06 – Hope you enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Hectic City 3c – If there’s a glitch, you’re an ostrich.”

  1. Chris Hill says:

    wonderful, thank you

  2. dave says:

    i like what you do. great stuff. please keep it coming. take care.

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