Summertime Rolls…

“…There was so much space, so I cut me a piece, with some fine wine, it brought peace to my mind…” 

…can’t believe I’ve never used that as a title yet, but there you go…

Anyway, out of hibernation we come, blowing off the straw, mothballs and empty sandwich wrappers, to make a couple of announcements. And there’s lots more to come, oh yes.

First off, we’ve got a couple of festival shows confirmed this summer in the UK, so if you’re up for it…

Sunday 24th June – Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, UK – A double whammy of K-fun for The Big G – Firstly you can catch us at the end of your Saturday night / Sunday morning festivities in the Lost Vagueness Ballroom @ 5am for some banging old-time fun, then after a quick roll around in your tents, you can catch us at the Dance Village in The Pussy Parlure @ 12noon for a special Sunday Lunch-Out set, with some extra very special vocal guests (chuffed!) – watch this space for details of these guests and possibly a couple of extra secret shows over the weekend!!! :)

7th-9th Sept – Bestival, Isle Of Wight, UK – Honoured to be invited to participate in what is now established as the perfect endmark to the UK Festival season – And we’ve got one hell of a surprise for this one for you, more info nearer the time – Date / Time of show also TBC, as soon as we know!

Naturally, both these events are sold-out, but watch this space for more summer shenanegans both online and in real life as we get them confirmed :)

Second up, apologies for the irregularity (understatement) of the Hectic City podcasts, and many thanks to the people who mailed in to tell us how much they missed them – Sadly a few unavoidable circumstances got in the way, causing them to fall by the wayside – Bugger. They will be back though, just a little more intermittent than we originally planned.

However, as an added bonus, and to make up for the lack of HC, Eric is now participating in his own real live radio show, in partnership with his good friend and nemesis Jim of All Time Top 100. The show is called “Eric & Jim’s Look-In”, (after our favourite magazine from when we was small, innit), and  goes out every Thursday night on Radio Reverb 97.2FM, in Brighton (that’s where we live, in case you didn’t already know – keep up at the back!).

The show isn’t a DJ mix affair, more of a chance for us to play new releases and stuff we’ve found online at each other while blathering on about the cumulus of our lives and the detritus of other peoples’… you know the sort of thing.

So far it’s been a lot of fun, and we feel we’ve got used to the format a bit now, so if you’re interested, we’ve started podcasting the shows so everyone outside of our locality can have a listen (and there’s a backlog too!).

The blog for the show notes and links is and here is the feed for the podcast. Let us know what you think…

“…in the summertime, let it roll…”

10 Responses to “Summertime Rolls…”

  1. Björn says:

    Oooh, new postcast, neato.

    The feed seems to be a bit broken though. Adding it in iTunes, I get three podcasts (for 26th April, 3rd May, and 17th May). So it doesn’t have the podcasts from before the 26th of April, which is a bit annoying, but not really an error as such, but it skips the podcast from the 10th of May, which is a bit of a shame :/

    But the three shows I got through iTunes were really nice. :)

  2. Corin says:

    Oooh, looking forward to the Lost Vagueness set at Glasto … not sure I’ll make the Sunday session afterwards, mind! ;)

    Keep up the good work, Eric!

  3. Corin says:

    Heh heh … clearly everyone has to start comments on this entry with as camp an ‘Oooh’ as they can manage … soz!

  4. ricardo says:

    oooh… the crayyyyzeeeeee beeeeeeee maaaadaboutsummbardaaaaaayyyyy, aaaoho ow’ how

  5. kevin says:

    Just catching up with the hc podcasts. I’m very impressed and look forward hearing more. Now to check out those radio shows.

  6. seajay says:

    Hey Eric, I hope you read this thread even though the odds of that are kinda slim. What version of Hello Operator do you use on Kick the Bus, Kick the Train? It sounds VERY different to me and all of my friends. I have scoured the internet to the best of my ability and have come up with nothing indicating an alternate version of Hello Operator, yet the words are clearly annunciated differently in the sample that you use – seemingly outside the bounds of how you could mess with it on a computer. If you read this and post a comment back that’d be great. Thanks for releasing all of the music that you have, I love it.

  7. daO says:

    hey Eric, love your mixes and looking forward to see u in munic,germany one day…

  8. Mash says:

    A most entertaining set at Bestival, or Beastival as the locals call it, you can keep your Chemical Toilet Brothers…….

  9. MM says:

    Eric, when are you going to grant us the pleasure of dropping another amazing album on the world. I can only listen to 24 hours so many times before I start to go slightly crazy, yet I keept on listening. Please another hint of genius from you?

  10. Howl says:

    I’ll second that, please give me some more of your amazing work!

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