Gig Report: 16/03/08 The Village, Dublin, Eire

Thought it was time I started giving some props and footage of some happening shows, in words, pictures, video and whatever else comes to hand, particularly at the moment when it seems that all we’re doing is sitting in the studio playing with loops and munching Wasabi Peas. Yes, that is fun (and tasty too), but it’s good to get out of the house once in a while, no?…

Anyway, Dublin? The day before St.Patrick’s Day? A chance to pay tribute to the greatest snake-driver in the land? A guaranteed drink-fuelled party-hearty crowd? Oh, bring it on…

Behold the woderful Foggy Notions crew getting down to some Three Girl Bump Jump Inferno – Thanks to Leagues, Leah and their wonderful ensemble for being such cracking hosts. Don’t they look gorgeous?

“Fish In A Barrel” tune of the night : Chemical Brothers “Electronic Battle Weapon 8”
Surprise hit tune of the night : Hardfloor “Mahogany Roots”
Kleptones hit of the night : A new one – You’ll just have to come to a show and find out!

Big thanks to Brian Sweeney for the videos, and for taking most excellent care of us on the night. Biggest of thanks, as always, to everyone who came along and danced like possessed people, especially the bunch that I frugged with at the end to Arcade Fire – You guys were great :)

Till next time, E out x.

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