Hectic City 7 – May Daze

All change round here, as someone with access to a cob pipe and a garden fence might say whilst surveying the landscape.

Firstly, Very sad to bid bye-bye and good fortune to my fine friend and erstwhile Radio sparring partner Jim of All Time Top 100 as he moves up to that London to try his luck as an apprentice underling in the Corridors of Power. Yes, I know it’s not that far, but it does render rather impossible the continuation of Eric & Jim’s Look-In. Shame really, just as we were getting our speed back up after the first sacking hiatus.

But Lo!, being as the ratio of clouds-to-silver-linings is equivalent at the moment, the sad ending of the Look-In gives forth more time with which to improve and continue the Hectic City podcasts. Oh Yes!

So here, without any further delay (ha!), is HC7 – A mix made initially to soundtrack a hazy afternoon garden party or simple cocktail on the terrace in May, although it’s sure to keep for a while and be an equally fine dinner companion for the rest of the summer.

The tracklisting may look slightly unusual, and it did indeed surprise me whilst digging for appropriate tunes to suitably bookend the fine grooves of Al Usher and Aeroplane, but the end result is, I think, quite piquant:

As I haven’t dropped one of these for a while, there may be a brief but immediate period of digging around in the back with plugin updates and wiggling bits of wire to get it to fire up satisfactorally, so if the link is dodgy, let me know in the comments and we’ll have someone round in a jiffy with some molegrips to sort you out.


Al Usher – Here Today
Aeroplane – Aeroplane
Force Of Nature – Liberate
Chris Rea – Josephine (Vista & Meyland Rain Edit)
Brian Briggs – AEO (Parts 1 & 2)
Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together (Pressure Drop Remix)
Aeroplane – Above The Clouds
Can – Vitamin C (Eli Escobar Re-Edit)
Mugwump – Boutade
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Rage Hard (Young Person’s Guide To The 12-Inch Mix)
Pimps Of Joytime – San Francisco Bound
Paul Simon – Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes (Todd Terje Edit)
Coyote – Too Hard (Aeroplane Remix)

Direct download: MP3 or FLAC

Till next time… (sooner than you think :)

12 Responses to “Hectic City 7 – May Daze”

  1. chris says:

    dude, thanks so much for putting this up. so far it sounds awesome.

  2. weston deboer says:

    sounds awesome already!

    And quick nobody is getting it, yA

  3. danger says:

    Normally I wouldn’t whine in the face of such a generous bounty, but since you *did* ask: the new episode isn’t showing up under my Hectic City subscription in iTunes. Unclear whether the problem is on my end or yours… I’ll keep fiddling, and look forward to returning with gushing praise!

  4. Björn says:

    It isn’t showing up in my iTunes either. I tried prodding it with molegrips, but it didn’t help :(

  5. Simon says:

    Cheers Eric,
    Enjoying listening to this. Is there any chance that a P2P file will be available for sharing? Then I can stick it on my iPod for my train journey tomorrow.
    Apologies for being too demanding!

  6. Björn says:

    Hey, Simon, you can just use the “Download” link to get the mp3, it’s just iTunes that’s being annoying.

  7. Eric K says:

    Björn’s right, the download link is working fine – unlike the inline player, or is that just me? – might be a flash upgrade thing – will have a look under the hood tonight, as well as the iTunes thing – I don’t have it installed on anything (stubborn!!!) so will go try it on my girlfriend’s compy and see what I can do.

    Thanks for the quick FB folks – much love to y’all :)


  8. Björn says:

    I tried the inline player just now, and it’s working fine. So either it’s at your end, or you fixed something. :)

  9. Björn says:

    By the way, the iTunes thing works even less now. Instead of not seeing that there is a new podcast it gives a “An unknown error occurred (-50)”, and that I need to check the URL and that my network connection is active.

    So I’ve just downloaded the mp3 and am listening to it now (sounds good so far!), but I thought you should know.

  10. Simon says:

    I think I’ve worked out the problem. I’m running an Apple Mac & Apple wants me to buy Quicktime Pro, to be able to save this to my computer!! So will just have to listen to it online as I can’t get to put it on my iPod!
    Although is this actually available via iTunes???
    Cheers for your help previously Eric & Bjorn

  11. David says:

    Off-topic: Thank you for, a while back, inspiring me to buy some Stevie Wonder.

  12. Scott says:

    A little late but just wanted to say what an awesome mix, thanks a lot for posting it. Give us more!

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