“He was much too far out all his life…”

quicksand jesus
(photo by Niemster)

Well it looks like the best intentions of having a new album up before the end of the year are going to remain just that for now (although it is getting there – more on that soon ;), so by way of a taster, I’m going to start posting up some demos to keep you ticking over :) I’m using “demo” in it’s most straightforwardly pointless meaning, as these are for “demonstation purposes only”, just like, er, everything else on this site!

But yes, demos these will be, some will be less finished than others, some will just need a bit of a remix, but I’ll also be posting up a few scraps and curios that didn’t or haven’t yet made the grade for some reason or other (but still have something going for them!) for you to pick the meat out of, which I’m hoping you’ll find interesting…

So to kick off here’s one that got a live debut over the summer at Beachdown, much to the surprise of at least half the band who had no idea I was going to drop it, hehe – just as well it went down good.

The Kleptones – Deeper Sand (demo)

Hope you like and if you do, stay tuned, as there’ll be more of these every day or two until the album (or until we run out of demos and start to slowly go mad…)

PS You may notice this is not the Hectic City mix that was promised last post – Apologies if you’re waiting, it is on its way, but the album stuff has taken over for a bit – soon come though, so thanks for the comment nudges – your boots up our arses are, as always, very much appreciated…

2 Responses to ““He was much too far out all his life…””

  1. Rodrigo says:

    really great!!! cant wait for the next tune!

  2. Björn says:

    Really nice! Also good to see others read Stevie Smith :)

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