Ad endum, per astra…

A few additionals to the below!

First off, thanks for all the feedback, here, on facebook, on twitter, and around the blogs – very very much appreciated – please keep going – if you like what you hear, let people know – mates, radio DJs, promoters, whoever – every single bit helps, and we will be eternally grateful to you for doing so!

OK, Del Boy moment over, the full-length mix MP3s are now up on the download page, so if you like your Uptime/Downtime action uninteruppted, or simply want to drop them onto smooth-playing CDs for your gramophone, now you have the option.

We’re laying off the torrents for the moment, as the bandwidth seems to be holding up (although the speed isn’t the best, so sorry for keeping you waiting). We’ll see how things go…

Also, as you may have noticed below, we’ve put a fair chunk of the back catalogue up on SoundCloud, so you can now embed album players in your own pages – sweet! We’ll be adding some more trinkets on there soon, so keep an eye if you’re a cloud type of person.

Finally, the album tracks are almost nearly up on, though we’ve been having some grief with their uploader – hopefully that will be sorted very, very soon.

That’s it for now – Pip pip!

3 Responses to “Ad endum, per astra…”

  1. Alan Wexelblat says:

    Just finished listening to Uptime and it’s BRILLIANT! I want to know who engineered the Beastie Boys mash that starts around minute 37 because that person is a music god. Also, I totally love your download page with individual track links – that is the best present for a downloader. If you had time to do a track-by-track listing out the components of the various mashes I’d be even happier, but I know it’s a crapton of work.

    Now off to listen to Downtime…

    (and yes, I’m pimping this out to everyone who’ll sit still for a URL.)

  2. Scott says:

    Loving the new mixes! Got them on permanent play in the studio.

    As if a new album isn’t enough, is there any chance we’ll see some Kleptones Best of 2009 mixes as well? These annual wrapups are what get me through my Januarys.

  3. erickleptone says:

    Alan – thanks and have a search on Wikipedia: never know what you might find…

    Scott – yeah, sorry: finishing the album and an unexpected personal life crisis has crippled the “Best Of” mixes severely. They will appear, just not too sure yet in what form. We’ll see…

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