See the smell…

Next Videotones installment! Major thanks to BorisB for nailing this one – seriously awesome job! There’s plenty more on the way, but still room for more collaborators, so get in touch if you want to join in…

4 Responses to “See the smell…”

  1. sambo says:

    Excellent! I want a full-HD version :)

  2. tim from Radio Clash says:

    Thanks! I’m sure Boris will be chuffed by the good feedback :-D

    As regards the HD – can’t speak for Boris but I know with my videos, apart from one upcoming one where nearly all the sources were fortunately widescreen/large most of the sources aren’t HD.

    If you know of a source of music videos in HD for cheap/free then great let me know….but sadly most are released DVD PAL at best (720×576) so to stretch them will lose quality – so we (The Videotones) are all working to PAL res and not HD in the main – so HD won’t be possible, mostly.

    I will be posting this widescreen one at the highest res, though.

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