marching on…

Happy early days of spring in the north-western quadrasphere (or something) to you. More gigs and Videotones news for you – read in!

synthetiquette flyerStraight in with the gigs – frist up, a rather overdue hometown show here in Brighton on Friday 19th March, as part of the Synthetiquette night at The Hope – also playing are Neon Highwire and Officer 82. It’ll be a great way to blow off the cobwebs before we head off to the USA, but get down early as it’s not a huge room!

Second up, speaking of the USA, we’re delighted to be extending our existing Californian excursion into the fine county of Oregon – That’s right, we’ll be touching down in Portland on Friday 26th March for Bootie Portland! Really looking forward to this one as we’ve made some fine contacts in Portland over the years, so it’ll be good to finally hook up!

Not in Portland or Brighton? Whimper not, for here is the next installment of the Videotones project – The director is Brad Mackey of Crappy Logo Productions, who adds a splendidly psychedelic edge to “MKY Da HVN”:

3 Responses to “marching on…”

  1. Abjurer says:

    I hate to abuse the comment system on your site (the videos are awesome by the way), but I wanted to voice a request for a best of 2009 mix like you have done in the past. Normally I wouldn’t mind having a year slip by, but it seems like 2009 was a bit more awesome than usual and it would be a shame to not get a best of mix out of it.

  2. Eric K says:

    Hey no worries – abuse is what we’re here for ;-)

    Truth is, I had all the tracks for the best of mixes ready to be, er.. mixed, but the combination of album finishing, sudden load of new work, and a huge personal life catastrophe meant that I just didn’t get started on them. And by the time I had some time, it felt like I’d missed the boat. (Normally I do them inbetween turkey dinners at xmas!)

    Still, a few people have cried out and said they missed them, which is really cool – If I have some time I will give it a shot, but that’s a huge if! xxx

  3. Patty says:

    Oh thanks for the video! I’m not in Portland or Brighton so I need this!

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