Glastonbury Set Times – Important Update

glastonbury festival

Hey everyone, unfortunately I have to make a correction to the previously announced set times for Glastonbury. For once, not our mistake at all. Apparently this information will make it everywhere apart from the mini-guide, which has already gone to press – everything else, the programme, the glasto website (not quite right yet, but will be soon!), and the spanking new mobile app, should contain the correct info which is as follows:

Friday 02:30am – East Dance Tent Silent Disco (90m Full AudioVisual Spectacular)
(That’s Thursday night, obviously!)

Saturday 01:00pm – Dance Village Cubehenge (75min daytime outdoor DJ Set)

Monday 02:00am – East Dance Tent Silent Disco (2.5hr Eric special “120×120” DJ Set)
(Again, that’s Sunday night, obviously!)

So basically the Thursday night set is now a bit shorter, and the Saturday night set has moved to Sunday night and is now a bit longer!

Looking very likely there’ll be a DJ set somewhere in Shangri-La on either Friday or Saturday night too – watch the facebook and twitter pages for details – busy busy busy!

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