“COUNT-IN (1234)” E.P. Track 4 – “Silver Tears”

E.P. will be released on or just after 28/01/18 along with two new Hectic City Mixtapes, ONLY via the mailing list, so please click and join if you haven’t already. You like? Support us on Patreon!

2 Responses to ““COUNT-IN (1234)” E.P. Track 4 – “Silver Tears””

  1. simon claessen says:

    Hi. I just visited your site again after listening to downtime all afternoon. Is thete a way to purchase the count in 1234 album?

    Last blog in from 2018. What keeps you busy, especially during lockdown.

    Greetings from Arnhem, the nethetlands.

  2. erickleptone says:

    Hi Simon, you are already on the mailing list (we checked) so you should have all the details via email – please email us again if you have not received them, thanks!

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