The Golden Hour #2 (2022-11-10)

Back again with the second episode of “The Golden Hour”, a one-hour (see what we did there?) DJ mix that will accompany each episode of “The In-Tray”.

Following on from the style of our Lockdown Radio mixes, each one will be a random deep dive into different sections of the DJ box, this one getting very spacious in the 160 realm, layering up a few classics with some more modern beats and sequences, getting deeper and deeper as the hour progresses, and there’s a rather cheeky off-the-cuff bollywood n bass mash in there to boot!

Hope you enjoy!

01 Technimatic – Cold Shoulder
02 Eleven8 – Colours of Distance
03 Fracture & Neptune – Customtone
04 Alphabets Heaven – Astral Trails (Kleptones Slowdown Edit)
05 Falguni Pathak – Pal Pal Teri Yaad (Kleptones Etched Mix)
06 Coco Bryce – The Cosmic Muffin
07 Goldie – Inner City Life (Instrumental)
08 Biome – Afray
09 JMJ & Ritchie – Universal Horn (Kleptones Re-Drum)
10 Hendy – Morning Time
11 NameBrandSound – Like A Spaceship
12 Jonny Faith – Le Sucre
13 Rashad x Spinn x Taso – Roll Up That Loud
14 Deee-Lite – Call Me (Method One Jungle remix)
15 DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like Pt. 4 (Teklife Remix)
16 Truth feat Taso – Propaganda
17 IOWLA – Spark
18 Djrum – Induction
19 Clams Casino – Uncle
20 Female – Grvty

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