You didn’t have to say it, but you did…

..and we thank you.

The last couple of days has seen a flurry of comment and debate sparked by yesterday’s incident. To the many of you who blogged, posted comments, emailed cunning methods of protest, debated the situation and above all, offered mirrors and posted links up, we doff our caps and thank you for your support.

It is very, very, very, much appreciated.

As people have been asking – no, we haven’t had any mail from Disney. But we’re approaching our mailbox with trepidation, to say the least.

2 Responses to “You didn’t have to say it, but you did…”

  1. Chris says:

    word. keep on keepin on, i dig your style man.

  2. aicra says:

    This music…
    Now THIS is progression of the arts!

    Rock on!

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