Where the writs have no name (can take my iPods off you)

Haven’t posted for a couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean that the world has stopped, just nothing to add much to what’s being said elsewhere…

But seeing that Apple have decided to stomp on the sale of a “customised” iPod… well, what the hell can you say here… This is a regular iPod (okay, a limited edition U2 one), that someone has uploaded a few albums by another band, put a couple of stickers on the pod and the box, and then stuck up on Ebay.

(It doesn’t even include the “U2” single that caused Negativland such grief first time round)

But Apple say “No!” – we think this violates our intellectual property rights (where’s the proof – oh, no-one wants to take Apple to court? Surprise, surprise…). So Apple whinge to Ebay and they pull the auction with a day to go.

So what about things like this? Does this not violate these IP rights that are so important even more? (Look what they’ve done to that thing! And they’ve ripped-off your branding too. C’mon Apple – get those guys!!!)

Or, more importantly, is the endorsement deal that U2 have struck with Apple so damn important that no-one is allowed to take the piss out of it?

(and let’s face it, their new album is one of the most full-on ad campaigns I’ve seen any band rage for years – as LNR says, they really ARE still “The Hype”)

If this is indicitive of Apple’s attitude as they plunge head first into the music industry (“one law for us, one law for you”), there’s going to be some seriously choppy waters ahead, to say the least…

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