The In-Tray #1 (2022-10-27)

We’re delighted to be announcing the start of not one, but two new experimental series (Well, everything’s an experiment round here, innit?).

First up we have “The In-Tray”, which is a radio show / podcast-style hour of new & recent releases, plenty of which don’t really fit into any of the DJ mixes we’re doing, but we still wanted to give them a big-up and bring them to your attention.

(Note that this is the first time my “announcer voice” has been heard in public since I stopped doing the “Look-In” show on Brighton radio back in 2008, so please be gentle with me!)

And for a change we’re doing tracklists, with shop-links when we can find them, as we actively want you to be checking out these fine artistes!

We’re hoping to be doing one “pair” of these every couple of weeks, but we’ll see how it goes… Any feedback as always is welcomed, and if you have suggestions of new tunes for the In-Tray, just give us a shout, that’s what it’s there for.

Hope you enjoy!

01 Leslie Sarony With Jack Hylton And His Orchestra – Jollity Farm
From “Songs The Bonzo Dog Band Taught Us

02 Unique 3 – Fury In Force
From “33-45

03 Protect Ryan – DJ Weddings and Receptions
From “Party Tracks For Horse Girls

04 Red Snapper – Black Sea
From “Everybody Is Somebody

05 Akira Ishikawa – Dawn (Alfajiri)
From “African Rock

06 Chimpo – Rig Doctor
From “On The Dial

07 B E N N – Mangaya
From “Entheos

08 Jennifer Lara – Turn Turn Turn
From “Studio One Women Vol.2

09 Project Gemini – The Path Through the Forest
From “The Children Of Scorpio

10 Surprise Chef – All News Is Good News
From “All News Is Good News

11 Jimi Tenor – Gare de Noir
From “Multiversum

12 Spring Heel Jack – Regal Talkies
From “Versions

13 Cyril Davies & His Rhythm And Blues All Stars – Country Line Special
From “British Mod Sounds Of The 1960s

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