The Golden Hour #1 (2022-10-27)

This is the first episode of “The Golden Hour”, a one-hour (see what we did there?) DJ mix that will accompany each episode of “The In-Tray”.

Following on from the style of the Lockdown Radio mixes, each one will be a random deep dive into different sections of the DJ box, the first one taking in some slinky psychedelic rock, new turkish funk, a few obscure crate digs and a very spontaneous slice of live mashing between two legends. And then some!

We thought splitting the show in two would be useful, so folks can enjoy a fresh “chat-free” mix if they’re not in the mood for my dulcet tones.

We’re hoping to be doing one “pair” of these every few weeks, but we’ll see how it goes… if you have suggestions of new tunes for the In-Tray, send ’em in, that’s what it’s there for.

As always, hope you enjoy!

01 Large Plants – La Isla Bonita
02 Lalalar – Abla Deme Lazim Olur
03 Caliph8 – Offset Negative 27
04 Glen Fallows & Mark Treffel – Faith In Time
05 Pierre Henry – Teen Tonic (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
06 Saitana – The Disco
07 The Heliocentrics – Phantom Of The Panther
08 Bobby Darin – Light Blue
09 Dr. John – Kingdom Of Izzness
10 Clipse – Kinda Like A Big Deal (Instrumental)
11 Mandrill – Two Sisters Of Mystery
12 Frog – Living Dead
13 Joao Donato – Lunar Tune
14 Funkadelic vs Sun Ra (Kleptones Live Jam)
15 T.L. Barrett & Youth for Christ Choir – Like a Ship
16 Horace – Waiting For The Moon

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