Mixtape frenzy

First up, thanks for the feedback and suggestions to the first Hectic City Mixtape – got it fixed up now, although quite bugged to find I can only attach one piece of audio per post to the RSS2 feed – if anyone knows a way round this, I’d be eternally grateful if you’d let me know (even though I’ve not had time to do a dig around yet) – I’d really not have to post each slice of future episodes in a separate post – there are a couple of ideas for future HCs that would rely on that to function correctly, so here’s hoping there’s a way round it.

Anyway, in other K-related podcast news, Radio Clash have posted the second part of the wine fuelled chat we had during the Web 2.0 Summit last month – this time we deviate from the music to talk trannys, topography and transport, and there’s also an interview with A&D from Bootie – you can find it here. Also don’t forget I’m DJing for Radio Clash’s occasional club tomorrow night in London, and it’s free! Details are here.

Secondly, we’ve also released our first contribution to the podcasts over at A Swarm Of Angels (don’t know what ASOA is? read this first) – A departure for us, as not only does it contain all Creative Commons licenced tracks, but the intention is rather different – hence we’re referring to the mixes as “Moodcasts”. The idea is to slowly warm to the simultaneous development of the scripts, so rather than look for immediate, dominant sound, we’ve initially chosen tracks that are more gently suggestive, and will develop the themes and ideas over the series in tandem with received feedback and the work going on in other areas of the project. Check the initial K-cast for the first of the two scripts, “Glitch”, here.


2 Responses to “Mixtape frenzy”

  1. tim from Radio Clash says:

    There’s no way of getting around that – if you post 2 enclosures some podcatchers (the clever ones) download both, but sadly some don’t.

    I tend to separate it into two blog posts but then they are seperate full parts.

    It’s a pain I know but go whine at Dave Winer and Matt Muellenweg (I have before, tell em I sent you, I’m sure they’ll feel warm and fuzzy about the whole deal)

  2. tim from Radio Clash says:

    It stripped my /sarcasm tag from that last comment :-D

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