Bale out…

He Does Not Get It.

The good folks at Snuggles tipped me to the wonderful audio of Christian Bale freaking out on the Terminator Salvation set (yeah I know, it’s everywhere – forgive me for not keeping up to date with net memes ;), and it seemed so in sync with the tune I was working on at the time that I knocked up a quick remix:

The Kleptones – Who Cares? (Bale Out remix)

I think it turned out rather well – Hope you like!

31 Responses to “Bale out…”

  1. Pete Wallace says:

    This is great… Never thought i’d find myself tapping my feet to the Bale!


  2. Lisa says:


  3. Layne says:

    Tres Cool!

  4. hitm4n says:

    Very nice :)

  5. Simon Iddol says:

    THX for caring a lot ;)

  6. oh says:

    It’s like a deecheesed “Pat verus Peggy” :)

  7. Michael says:

    Oh my… that is really rather good.

    Do you have anything that’d suit the Obama audiobook snippets?

  8. Adam says:

    Excellent! Our household’s favourite new track. SWEET!! :)

  9. Björn says:

    Hehe. That is excellent.

  10. Jedburgh says:

    Oh, man. That’s brilliant. Top job :D

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  12. curley says:


    reminds me of PWEI circa ’89 – 91.


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  14. erickleptone says:

    Good spot Curley – I did think it had the air of an early 90s indie-dance remix (hence the addition of the ubiquitous pitched-up levee break in the background of the choruses) – thanks for confirming it :)


  15. steve says:

    lol…hadn’t heard the rant prior to hearing this track…Man he really lost it and deserves some music to lighten up his life.

    Greet work Eric

    BTW, years down the track, A Night at the Hip Hopera is still my favourite album of all time. About the only album I keep coming back to over and over and over.

  16. Guy says:

    ha that is hilarious, great work

  17. epistaxsis says:

    Awesome – I was wondering when you’d get round to doing something with Faith No More :-D

  18. bizarrojerri says:

    i listened to the alleged original by revolucian, but yours is galaxies better.


  19. Brian says:

    I can’t breathe – this is brilliant!

  20. Carl says:

    MATE this is fantastic well done! I`ll be sure to pass it on!

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  22. COL says:


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  24. curley says:

    also, you’ll be happy to know this track have been given airplay on my radio show:

    go to the playlist for the 11th feb’s show.

  25. waveydaved says:

    it’s a rant-mixxx, quality man

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  27. curley says:

    btw, even though it’s only august, this tune is still MY vote for “song of the year”

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  29. Sandra says:

    Along with every other song you have posted, kudos, great music!

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  31. bizarrojerri says:

    12 years later, this song still rocks the cocks out.

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